If I weren’t so angry at the messages I am getting on my phone machine, I would pity John McCain. He is a tragic figure. In 2000, I spent the winter in New Hampshire. I went to the town meeting McCain held in Hopkinton to… Read More
    Robert Klose, in his nasty little hit-piece, “John McCain is no George Washington” (BDN, Oct. 22) is as careless with his facts as he is with his language. George Washington died in 1799, not 1797 (ref. “His Excellency George Washington,” Joseph J. Ellis, Knopf, 2004, p.268). But what’s… Read More
    Jayson Allain is the best choice for state representative in House District 26. His opponent, the popular Paul Davis, has served in the past using “common sense” to solve problems, but that approach is not enough to address the complex, interconnected issues of the future. Read More
    Those of us who embrace an inclusive, care-for-the-downtrodden Christian faith are accustomed to being admonished for our manifold sins and wickedness by our brethren on the Christian Right. After the 9-11 terrorist attack, the Rev. Jerry Falwell blamed feminists, gays, lesbians, the ACLU, People for the American Way… Read More
    I see the “please tax us more” crowd is at it again, “Fed up with services? (BDN letters, Oct. 22). “Fed up with good schools?” the writer asks. No, just fed up with the “do it for the kids” mantra that has gotten us into paying teachers far… Read More
    During these trying economic times, it is important that we have a person with a strong financial background to ensure that we are getting the most from our taxes in Belfast. Roger Lee is a person with these qualifications. He has worked with the city manager and others… Read More
    The current makeup of the Maine House of Representatives has a goodly number of teachers, social workers and promising young people in the early stages of their working careers, bringing valuable backgrounds and experiences to our Legislature as it shapes Maine’s future. What we are in short supply… Read More
    I have called upon our state senator, Elizabeth M. Schneider, D-Orono, on a number of issues. I first called her because my mother’s assisted living facility was having some difficulties with a change in ownership. I was concerned my mother’s residence would be closed, which… Read More
    I recently received a call from the BDN to renew my newspaper subscription and decided it would be a great way to offset my fuel bill this fall. What a shame how this historical newspaper from the great city of Bangor, where I grew up,… Read More
    As previous town councilors in Hampden, we are supporting Andre Cushing for state representative in District 39. Since being elected as a town councilor in Hampden, Andre has exhibited qualities of fiscal responsibility and community involvement. Andre continues to be a positive and sensible voice for development and… Read More
    As a small-business owner I have been in downtown Bangor for a few years. I have seen this community grow into a vital, attractive opportunity for people to work and play. During these years I have observed Sara Stevens in her role as Rep. Mike… Read More
    I would like to express my support for Adam Goode, the Democratic candidate for Maine House District 15 in Bangor. I met Adam this past winter when he knocked on our door and introduced himself to my wife and me. Adam impressed me immediately with his energy and… Read More
    Based upon my full-time employment as Brewer’s fire chief, I’ve been asked if I see any automatic or debilitating conflict of interest if I were to be elected to the Bangor City Council. I do not. Both Bangor and Brewer are small cities, in proximity… Read More
    I have been sickened by the vitriolic character assassination of Barack Obama put forth by the national Republican Party in this election, but never more so then when I picked up our mail today. In it was a pamphlet quoting the radical William Ayers (but not attributed to… Read More
    The stakes are too high for voters to get it wrong this election. I will be voting for the Obama-Biden ticket because I believe this team is on the right side of the issues and has the right leadership qualities for this time. I am also disgusted by… Read More
    The McCain-Palin ticket is running on the slogan of “Country First.” The Palins’ history suggests that their sympathies may lie elsewhere. Todd Palin, Sarah’s husband, was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party for seven years. This party’s goal is for Alaska to withdraw from… Read More
    A recent editorial from the Wall Street Journal titled, “A Liberal Supermajority” detailed what would be ahead of us if we voted for Barack Obama and continued with this Democratically controlled Congress. The results could indeed be very dire. With Obama as president, Americans can… Read More
    William Ayers bombed the Pentagon. This is a widely known, irrefutable fact. He has admitted it, never repented, and has even bragged that he wished he could have done more. That Barack Obama was only 8 years old when it happened is a specious argument; Democratic spin. That… Read More
    Since John McCain and the Republican National Committee appear to have difficulty understanding or believing that those of us who can’t afford to give much still give what we can, let me say publicly, in print, that I’ve donated $50 to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign – $25 in… Read More
    I am supporting Rep. Pete Johnson for re-election to the Legislature. I first met Pete at a Greenville town meeting. Pete had some concerns about the cost of running the school and asked many important questions. After the meeting I spoke to Pete and told him we had… Read More
    I have a son who had a six-month deployment. Upon his return I saw Sen. Joe Perry and approached him to see if he could get an American flag which had been flown over the state Capitol. I wanted the flag so I could give it to my… Read More
    During the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, the world came perilously close to nuclear war. This horror was averted when the Soviet Union agreed to remove its missiles and personnel from Cuba in return for a commitment from the United States not to invade Cuba, and to remove… Read More
    As we approach the Nov. 4 elections, we should all give serious thought to determine who can best represent us in Washington. We need a person who is honest, intelligent, caring, dependable, of great integrity and one who will work hard to help solve our… Read More
    Last weekend, I was glad to see that the Bangor Daily News was running what seemed to be lengthy articles about the candidates for Senate. In the midst of the high drama and conflict of the presidential race, it’s good to see how the issues… Read More
    Sen. Susan Collins deserves credit for some of her legislative activities. She supported efforts to reduce air pollution and global warming, backed energy efficiency and renewable energy, supported international family planning programs and voted for a treaty to ban chemical weapons. Unfortunately, she made a… Read More
    Barack Obama: “Americans want to reclaim our American dream. That’s why I’m running for president of the United States.” Barack Obama: “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” googletag.cmd.push(function () { // Define Slot var slot_sizes = [[300,250]]; var new_slot_sizes… Read More
    We are enthusiastically supporting Adam Goode for the Legislature in District 15. Adam is one of the most energetic, hardworking, passionate individuals to run for office in a long time. He will bring a fresh, new voice to Augusta at a time when that is greatly needed. Adam… Read More
    For the past two months we have been hearing about banking collapse, foreclosure and slumping home sales. Many banks have been dubbed predatory lenders. Yes, they gave a first-time homeowners a fixed rate for 20-30 years, then a few years later, the homeowner took out… Read More
    John Frary is unconventional and uses humor to get his point across. There was once another little-known politician who was also highly unconventional, was known for his wit and the ability to use that wit in the service of the people, and was completely unafraid to voice his… Read More
    Tom Sawyer failed to attend to his responsibility as Bangor’s state senator in 2003. As a University of Maine graduate student at that time, I was required to meet with then-Sen. Sawyer for a policy class. Mr. Sawyer wrote to me that he would be available at the… Read More
    As a small-business owner, it matters to me who is working on our behalf in Augusta. State Rep. Kim Rosen has proved her ability in representing our interests. It’s important to me that Kim has an established record of trying to improve the business climate in Maine. She… Read More
    I will be voting for Rep. Pete Johnson in House District 27. He has demonstrated a commitment to the economic development of rural Maine through reduction of taxes on Maine residents and businesses, the development of transparency in state government, the reduction of the size of government and… Read More
    I am pleased to support Andrew O’Brien for the House of Representatives for District 44 (Appleton, Hope, Islesboro, Liberty, Lincolnville, Morrill and Searsmont). O’Brien’s background is teaching, construction, journalism and counseling for young men with emotional and substance abuse problems. He has strong communication and conflict- resolutions skills… Read More
    The BDN’s recent editorial endorsing Sen. Obama for president of this great country lends a sad note to the newspaper, and quite frankly shows just how the paper seems to have regressed instead of progressed. Sen. McCain, although not perfect, is the only candidate who… Read More
    Sen. Susan Collins is the obvious choice on Nov. 4. As a highly respected leader of the U.S. Senate she sponsored and co-sponsored several key pieces of legislation, i.e., 9-11 intelligence reform, port security, teacher tax credit, generic drugs and many more. This she did by working both… Read More
    As a veteran myself, I am committed to ensuring the men and women serving our country and their families are treated well, with honor, respect and dignity. The caring, dedicated actions of Sen. Elizabeth M. Schneider speak louder than words of her commitment to serve us. Read More
    John McCain is the better choice for president. He is a respected member of the Senate and a distinguished American servant in all respects. His running mate, contrary to the view of some of the media, is an articulate, intelligent family-oriented individual with real executive experience who will… Read More
    There are few issues as divisive as abortion, and how our political leaders handle this shows us a great deal about the character of individual politicians. I have more respect for an honest adversary than I have for a duplicitous ally. Many observers believe that… Read More
    Voters in Clinton, Detroit and Pittsfield have an opportunity on Nov. 4 to elect Valory Slymon to serve as their representative to the Maine House of Representatives. This very caring and thoughtful individual seeking the District 29 seat is a good choice. She will look after our best… Read More
    Again we feel violated. A number of times over the past few years our property has been vandalized as a result of our anti-war position. This time someone removed the Obama-Biden sign from our lawn. We feel betrayed, violated and are disappointed that we are unable to exercise… Read More
    I am writing to support Jim Martin for representative at the State House. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jim for 10 years, and he is hard working, considerate and will be cautious with my tax dollars. He is capable of listening to the people, looking at… Read More
    Heather Johnston, “Attacks are racist” (BDN, Oct. 18), should check her sources. Though she claims someone in a crowd of thousands cried out “Kill him” at a rally in Scranton, Pa., no one can be found who heard it and other supposedly inflammatory remarks. The… Read More
    There is more to the BDN’s recent story on tips for animal well-being. Both dogs and cats are ending up in the animal shelters – more than the shelters can handle. As the executive director of the shelter in Camden-Rockport, we are overwhelmed with people… Read More
    In an Oct. 8 BDN letter to the editor, Robert O’Halloran suggested that Hermon should reject the Rec Community Center question because it was “unimaginable” that residents would consider this project during uncertain economic times. He also pointed to one councilor who voted with the majority and claimed… Read More
    Being a longtime Republican, there have been few Democrats who appealed to me enough to doubt my political beliefs. Washington County’s Marie Emerson and Katherine Cassidy are two Democratic personalities that lend to and deserve this support. Both are intelligent, educated, outspoken and driven women. Read More
    House District 23 (Carmel, Etna, Hermon and Stetson) has an opportunity to elect Jim Hooper as our state representative. Jim has vast experience in the energy sector. In fact, he could be called an energy guru. He has managed the installation and commissioning of power… Read More
    Susan Collins is known for bi-partisan leadership, commitment to Maine, work ethic and small- business advocacy. Her homeland security legislation is landmark. Her investigations are timely, nonpartisan and substantive. She champions our troops, BIW, and our aggressive defense against anti-American terrorism. We know Susan as… Read More
    As the author of a University of Maine study on the fiscal and economic impacts of the beverage taxes associated with Question 1, I would like to respond to comments about my estimates of annual soft drink sales in Maine. Several individuals quoted in recent… Read More
    Our next senator must be committed in working in a bipartisan manner to solve the astronomically high energy costs that threaten low-income and elderly citizens. The prices of gasoline, home heating oil and diesel are creating serious economic hardships for small businesses across Maine. Sen. Read More
    I am writing to express my support of Jim Martin in his race for House District 18. I met Jim this spring during the primary campaign season, and he impressed me with both his appreciation for the big issues facing this region and with the perspective he brings… Read More
    Few people I’ve met in 30 years in Bangor know as much about the city’s history as Gerry Palmer. Even fewer have contributed to this city he loves as much as he has. Gerry has served with distinction on the city council and been personally involved in most… Read More
    It’s true, Sen. Susan Collins has done many things for Maine. But so has Tom Allen, as congressman. Any good senator would. Consider Collins’ record. She’s called a moderate, but voted with Bush and Cheney over 80 percent of the time. On their economic policy,… Read More
    I have had the pleasure of knowing Sen. Susan Collins since the 1990s and found her to be a consistent true advocate for Maine citizens, especially when it comes to their safety and quality of health care. She understands the nursing shortage will have a major effect on… Read More
    I was born in Belfast, Maine but grew up in Palmer, Alaska, the town neighboring Wasilla, Sarah Palin’s hometown. Our towns were rabid rivals in basketball and other sports. I never met the Palins because I moved from Alaska a year or two before they arrived there. I… Read More
    Much has been said about Sen. Obama’s tax plan with its magic numbers of $250,000, 95 percent, etc., however, there are some missing details that need to be addressed. Why $250,000? Where did that number come from? More importantly, what is to keep him from lowering that number… Read More
    If you are not overwhelmed by either presidential candidate and you want to send a “smarten-up” message to those yahoos in Washington, remember Ralph will be on the Maine ballot this November. George Chebba googletag.cmd.push(function () { // Define Slot var slot_sizes = [[300,250]]; var… Read More
    The chickens are finally coming home to roost. The mean-spirited campaign run by John McCain and Sarah Palin, based on distortions of truth and ad hominem attacks, are getting results – although not the ones the mean team was looking for. The bigger the lies,… Read More
    In a mockery of democracy, candidates for president who are not major political party nominees were prohibited by the Commission on Presidential Debates from being part of the debates. The commission, a conglomerate of corporations and wealthy media moguls, has set the bar so high… Read More
    Here on the Basin Road in Addison, we know about community support. This kind of mutual support is what presidential candidate Barack Obama is calling for on a national level. Barack Obama knows that surviving these very tough economic times will require not just tax… Read More
    Bill Shorey is the Democratic candidate for the position of Waldo County commissioner which is an important job for controlling finances of the county government. We live in strenuous times with decreasing revenues brought about by the governmental policies which have prevailed for the past… Read More
    A Bangor-area elementary school teacher takes Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to task (letters, BDN, Oct. 4-5) and incredibly suggests the Republican nominee for VP knows less about energy than a fifth-grader. Based on the Congressional Keystone Cops routine we’ve just seen, it looks as if… Read More
    On Nov. 4, 2008, voters in Hermon will vote on a proposed charter amendment that would allow people to circulate a petition to fire the town manager without a hearing, without just cause and without any other due process to which such a municipal employee is entitled. I… Read More
    I am supporting Marie Emerson for state representative. As a former student in Marie’s culinary arts program at Washington County Community College and now an owner of a restaurant in Calais, I would like to share my opinion of Marie Emerson as a state representative for Maine’s smaller… Read More
    How many have taken the TV viewing time to watch City Council meetings? The audio has even gotten better. It has become increasingly evident that councilors spend countless hours in preparation, along with attending an array of assigned related city department subcommittee sessions. Councilors demonstrate… Read More
    As a business owner and former state representative, I’m often asked who I support for Knox County state Senate. I say Dave Miramant will better represent my business and family if elected. Chartrand Imports is a member of Dirigo Health. It’s a good plan and… Read More
    I hear a lot of talk about “change,” but the only person running who really is a change is professor John Frary. In a country run by politics as usual, Frary is anything but. A professor of Byzantine History, he is change personified. In a country where politicians… Read More
    I urge the residents of the Senate District 27, and particularly the Katahdin region, to support Sen. Doug Smith for re-election. He is the only candidate for state Senate who has an understanding of what must be done at the state level to get Maine’s rural economy growing… Read More
    Elsie Flemings, a Democrat in her 20s, and Rick Savage, a Republican in his 60s, are running for the House District 35 seat in the Maine Legislature. Elsie Flemings has character traits, including listening skills and working well with others, that are praiseworthy. She has… Read More
    When I made the decision to retire from the Legislature I was concerned with who might take my place. It pleases me that Ruth-Marie Spellman has jumped into the race to do just that. She has a wide range of experiences that make her an ideal candidate for… Read More
    The recent attacks waged against Barack Obama by John McCain and Sarah Palin have revealed a shocking racial undertone. Questioning Obama’s patriotism, his honesty, his “Americanness” to increasingly hostile crowds of overwhelming white proportion, McCain and Palin have lowered the discourse of the election and the value they… Read More
    For decades, John McCain has championed the deregulation that has led to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Now he can only fall back on declaring that he has better judgment than Barack Obama because, as McCain claims, “The surge is working!” This is akin to… Read More
    I am writing in support for my state Sen. Elizabeth Schneider, Democrat for the Orono area. Elizabeth Schneider works tirelessly for our community. I have seen Elizabeth at every Orono High School student awards ceremony and graduation for the past four years. She can be seen at village… Read More
    In the wake of the second presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama, pundits have been spinning frenetically over which candidate “won.” The real winner was neither McCain nor Obama – it was militarism, plain and simple. Between McCain’s absolute, unyielding commitment to the… Read More
    The BDN could perform a great service to those of us who either cannot subscribe to cable or satellite television services or who do not choose to do so. This service would be to list all the elected officials who supported and voted for conversion to digital television. Read More
    Mainers should know that both the content and financing of Susan Collins’ TV ads come from national Republican action groups dedicated to re-enlisting a Republican edge in Congress. While she has achieved some benefits for Maine, she [has] almost always favored the business sector over the public. She… Read More
    Maine’s Bureau of Insurance has certified that Dirigo Health reforms have saved the state of Maine over $100 million in their first three years, and this year’s savings has been determined to be approximately $49 million. The funding derives, in part, from small taxes on… Read More
    I have known Sara Stevens for years and want to speak of her qualifications for the Maine House District 17 election. Sara has been very active in the community, and she has contributed her energy and experience to benefit our civic and charitable organizations. She… Read More
    If you’d like a summary of what’s wrong with the Republican Party today, consider two oft-cited quotes from Ronald Reagan. The first is: “Freedom is always just one generation away from extinction. We … have to fight for it and protect it, and then hand… Read More
    I have known David Nealley and his family for most of my life. I know for a fact that David really cares about Bangor and that he wants it to be the best it can be. He is very sensitive about those who struggle to pay their bills,… Read More
    I have never felt as strongly about a candidate’s potential for greatness as I do for Barack Obama’s. In cynical times such as these, when we have come to expect so little of our leaders, Sen. Obama is a beacon of hope. I believe he has the intelligence,… Read More
    Hoorah! At long last an in-depth article from the BDN (Oct. 9) about folks in Maine who are living just fine with solar and wind energy. What a wonderful irony that Patty Hill’s husband’s name is Dick Hill, the same name as a local retired university professor perpetually… Read More
    So Le Club Francais is embarking on a project to have only French spoken in the whole St. John Valley on Wednesdays. Quite an undertaking, I’d say. I think it perfectly acceptable for people of French descent to communicate in the French language among themselves. Read More
    The Bangor Daily News will stop accepting election-related letters and commentary on Monday, Oct. 27. The newspaper will continue to publish such letters and commentary through the week of Oct. 27-31, ending with the Saturday-Sunday, Nov. 1-2 issue. Not all submissions can be published. Read More
    With an election upon us there are opportunities to make changes that will last for generations – changes that benefit the people of this great state. The changes we need must start locally. In legislative District 18 – Bangor, Orono and Veazie -you will have three choices. Two… Read More
    Almost eclipsed by the crisis in our financial institutions is a crisis of equal proportions in our health care system, namely, that more than 40 million of us have no health insurance. Millions of others who are underinsured end up facing grave illness and catastrophic costs leading to… Read More
    This Election Day we will have many local candidates to choose from, but none as good as independent candidate Tom Mooney. I know the Democratic candidate, and I know what he says he’s going to do. But Tom grew up in this community. I have known him my… Read More
    All signs now point to a healthy win by Barack Obama over John McCain, but things could change in the weeks that remain until election day. googletag.cmd.push(function () { // Define Slot var slot_sizes = [[300,250]]; var new_slot_sizes = []; var has_banner = false; for… Read More
    Barack Obama has put in some 150 days of work in Congress since he became a senator. During that time, his earmark requests are for $740 million, and with his Global Poverty Act (S. 2433), he is asking for $800 billion on top of the… Read More
    In interviews and during the debates, Sen. McCain has repeated the phrase that Sen. Obama “just doesn’t understand.” It has become almost as monotonous as his use of “my friends” in every other sentence. During the Oct. 7 debate, Tom Brokaw stated that economic realities… Read More
    In recent years the national Republican Party has convince people to vote against their own social and economic self interest. Hopefully, we won’t be fooled again. As a physician in a small medical practice in Bangor since 1980, I have learned a few things about… Read More
    Today’s political season has brought many issues to the forefront that need to be addressed in a calm and rational manner. History is a great teacher providing insight into current events, although people would like to rewrite that history to fit their own agendas. I… Read More
    We do not support the effort to recall Jan Anderson on the basis of her voting record as a member of the Belfast City Council. Recalling a member for not voting is a matter deserving of consideration for recall, in our opinion. We looked at… Read More
    In this scary time of economic insecurity, mind-boggling national debt, foreclosures, unemployment, unaffordable healthcare and ethical scandals, we need someone who will stand tall in Congress, stand up for her beliefs and the needs and concerns of her constituents. We can turn to Chellie Pingree with confidence and… Read More
    When Sarah Palin became governor of Alaska, she appointed her buddies to various state positions. She appointed a high school classmate of hers, a woman, to head up the department of agriculture. When the woman was asked what qualified her to run that department, she… Read More
    Susan Collins never defends her votes to support the Iraq War, to extend tax reductions for the wealthiest Americans, and to seat Supreme Court nominees Alito and Roberts. In both speeches and ads Collins – like Sarah Palin – dodges tough questions as if they pale beside her… Read More
    As the representative for House District 18 for the past four years, I have been honored to represent the residents of Bangor’s east side, Veazie and Orono in the Legislature. The job of a legislator in these uncertain times can certainly be a challenge, and we need a… Read More
    Government should run like a well-oiled business instead of the fiasco we are witnessing lately. We seriously need to cut back to a parliamentary system here in Maine and in Washington. Have one representative from each county in Maine and one senator from each state in Washington to… Read More
    Regarding the Oct. 6 BDN story, “Alaska governor defends linking Obama to terrorists”: It has been 58 years since McCarthyite tactics were first used in a national election campaign (the 1950 midterm elections). At that time Maine’s Republican Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, appalled at the direction the campaign… Read More
    I write in response to the editorial, “Washington County Health,” (BDN, Oct. 6) and in keeping with Mental Illness Awareness Week. My career in community mental health spans two decades and five Maine counties. Washington County lags behind in delivery of mental health care for… Read More
    The full-page political ad (BDN, Sept. 30) featuring an angry “Rosa, Laundry Worker,” proclaiming, “The Union Intimidated Me” along with the scariest photo of Tom Allen ever dredged up is shameful. I have been self-employed most of my working life and have never been a… Read More