The BDN’s recent article on the new roundabout in Calais was a bit humorous, but the fact of how dangerous it is and what an alternative to such a road hazard might be was not discussed. First of all, the circle is too small and… Read More
    In her Nov. 17 column, Sarah Smiley laments that the responses she received to her earlier column, “Elections distressing to military families,” are “the price of being a conservative.” Actually, they are the price of being a neoconservative. Smiley’s earlier column could never have been… Read More
    I am from Bucksport, not from away. I understand the culture of the hunt and all the skills and thrills it entails. I live on a small pond and over the years I have enjoyed it here immensely. I read the article in BDN’s Nov. Read More
    In reference to the Nov. 14 Bangor Daily News story about same-sex marriage, it is unfortunate but predictable that a group of liberal leaning clergy in Maine would use the statement “God loves everyone” as justification to promote their own agenda. Maine law defines marriage as a union… Read More
    When I began reading my Nov. 15-16 BDN and saw the story about the Karen Wood incident, my first reaction was, “Why are they dredging up this tragedy after 20 years? And putting it on page 1 above the fold? What’s the point?” But I read it. It… Read More
    Are you aware that the apple juice we are feeding our families has concentrates from China? Does anyone find this just a little alarming? After all that we know about the lead in the toys from China and the cat and dog food recalls, why would anyone feel… Read More
    During the September moose hunt, my son was falsely arrested for being a felon with a firearm which would have also resulted in my arrest since the gun was mine. I’m a 75-year-old with heart and other related problems. This false arrest bothered me so… Read More
    OK, now that the counting is done, isn’t it gratifying that we common folks can once again tread softly on the hallowed byway of Howard Street? Seems the majority of voters didn’t support a gated community in their backyard. Oh well, at least the city… Read More
    Being the grandson of a Calvary sergeant, the son of a WWII Navy Seabee veteran and the father of an Iraq war soldier (combat medic), I feel I am one of the military families that BDN columnist Sarah Smiley speaks for (“Election distressing to military families,” Nov. 10). Read More
    I read with great interest that Sarah Smiley and all military families were “distressed” that a military person was not elected president. Having served for 26 years and now retired from the Army as a sergeant first class I feel qualified to state the following:… Read More
    Thank the Almighty that the interminable, obnoxious and infuriating electioneering is over for now. It’s such a relief that I don’t care anymore who won. Does it make a difference? I doubt it. The most qualified candidates (those who have executive experience) got washed out… Read More
    It amazes me how there is always resistance when any industry attempts a move into Maine. On one hand, people complain about their inability to find good-paying jobs in Maine. On the other hand, they complain how they can’t stand to look at a string of windmills stretched… Read More
    I am mystified by individuals who want to buy assault rifles for hunting animals such as deer, moose, etc. (a recent BDN story reported “Fear of weapons ban spurs sales”). Assault by definition is “a violent attack or onslaught.” For the military, it is “the stage of close… Read More
    As a young boy I was sexually molested by a relative. At that time I was told monsters weren’t real; little did I know that they are real and mine still haunt my dreams 40 years later. I was molested by this man from the… Read More
    I am moved to write due to another tragic boating accident near Dover-Foxcroft, in which four men set out in a 12-foot boat without wearing life jackets. How sad these longtime friends were not wearing their personal flotation devices, or PFDs, which might have prevented… Read More
    How sadly ironic that on the front page of the Nov. 12 Bangor Daily News is a report on proposed cuts by DHHS in Medicaid, which include social services and psychology services for adults, while on the OpEd page a column by Sen. Edward Kennedy lauds the passage… Read More
    Does Sarah Smiley (“Elections distressing to military families,” BDN, Nov. 10) really understand Obama’s election? It’s about people ready for change, electing someone they feel is going to accomplish this, will turn this country around and reclaim what is ours. Obama won this election by… Read More
    Education Commissioner Susan Gendron didn’t get it when voters rejected the proposed plan for RSU-7. I believe it was because the plan was terrible, not lack of foresight to move forward in a more efficient way. The commissioner should look at this failed state-approved plan… Read More
    On Nov. 4, the casino referendum was defeated. I think the reason being is that if another casino were to be erected in southern Maine, Hollywood Slots at Bangor would suffer due to the migration of patrons to the new facility, therefore, taking business back to southern Maine. Read More
    I am an educator who has practiced his profession in all areas of public education and presently as a college professor. For 63 of my 68 years I have been getting up and going to school as a student and educator. I would doubt that anybody would believe… Read More
    Gov. Baldacci’s recent comments about cutting state spending in order to balance the budget in the midst of a recession are very troubling. Wasn’t it John Maynard Keynes who advised against such practices, stating that it was the role of government to run a deficit in order to… Read More
    The MDI community was shocked and saddened by recent racial incidents – the hanging of effigies. We hastily arranged a rally of solidarity against racism and will hold another this Sunday, Nov. 16, with outreach to schools hoping to turn this sad moment into a teaching opportunity. Read More
    In reference to a letter by Cynthia Wind and a follow-up letter by Derrick Underwood concerning the food stamp program not allowing feminine hygiene products, neither mentioned other things allowed and not allowed. Not allowed are any paper products (toilet tissue, etc.), any medicines (cough… Read More
    I was pleased to read the Nov. 6 comments by Dana Connors, president of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, in which he highlighted two businesses that have recently come to our state: Boston Financial and Patriarch Partners. Boston Financial will operate at the former… Read More
    A few days ago I watched the Machias Memorial High School soccer team win the Eastern Maine Class D Championship. I witnessed leadership, sportsmanship, talent and determination from that team and Coach Sinford, as well as from the spectators who had the field surrounded by their cars at… Read More
    Patriotism lived on Veterans Day. I saw it in the eyes of our great servicemen and women who lined the streets of Bangor and Brewer and walked or rode in the parade. Tears of thanks and sadness abounded. Two years ago I was critical of… Read More
    Possible budget solution: Once upon a time Maine had a 6 percent sales tax. Then it was reduced to 5.5 percent and then down to 5 percent. Sales taxes are extremely equitable across the income ranges of the citizens. Even our welcome visitors share in funding our infrastructure… Read More
    It was unfortunate that Meg Haskell’s article regarding the Medicare Part D prescription drug program, “Time to decide,” (BDN, Nov. 11) failed to mention the powerful tool that Medicare makes available on its Web site for comparing the total costs of competing drug plans. Medicare Prescription Drug Plan… Read More
    I have been thinking about GMC’s request to the federal government for a bailout on their debts. My mind goes back to Studebaker, Rio trucks, and the Nash Rambler. No one was around to bail them out of their financial difficulties or make up for lost jobs. They… Read More
    In reference to the article in the Bangor Daily News weekend edition (Nov. 8-9) about Maine citizens flocking to buy assault rifles out of fear that the new administration will immediately pass a law to ban them, I cannot comment on what the new administration has in mind,… Read More
    On the day before the last election, some voters received attack mailers directly from the state political party headquarters in Augusta. In accordance with existing state law, the mailers were sent without the knowledge or consent of the candidate being supported. In the House District… Read More
    I disagree with Martha Dickinson’s take on Sarah Smiley’s column, Nov. 10 (“Election distressing to military families”). While I have not always agreed with the comments expressed in Smiley’s columns, I thought she did an excellent job at capturing some of the feelings that military families may have… Read More
    For years we’ve all been told that oil and propane are cheaper options than electric heat, and for quite some time that was true. I’ve suspected for months, however, that the situation had changed, and only recently had it proven to me – by a propane company. Read More
    I read with interest Kathleen Parker’s tribute to Laura Bush (BDN, Nov. 5). I agree that the first lady has quietly and graciously acted on behalf of women and children all over the world to bring enlightenment. Her statement, “If women are educated, everything across… Read More
    I read with interest the recent article reporting on the surge in “assault rifle” sales fueled by the anticipation of Barack Obama’s presidency (BDN, Nov. 8). Who could have predicted that his election would yield such an immediate boost to the economy? Larry Balchen googletag.cmd.push(function… Read More
    Having a new president gives hope for a better image abroad but ultimately our foreign policy will have a greater impact. Sen. Collins and two Democratic senators authored a bill that was recently passed into law. This bill requires the Iraqi people to spend their… Read More
    This is in response to the letter by the Rev. Gregory Hewitt on Christianity as the only path to salvation. It is precisely because of this exclusivity that many of us have left Christianity. It no longer fulfills what we intuit as the image of… Read More
    President-elect Obama has been given the opportunity and the mandate to turn this nation around. Close scrutiny will be the order of the day as a nation eager for change watches to see if his actions match his words. Obama’s style lends itself to a spirit of cooperation… Read More
    Our new president should tell the domestic auto industry: “We’ll be helping you out with some federal loans. After all, we don’t want any more unemployed people. But here’s the deal, boys: You will immediately cease production of all passenger, light truck and sport utility vehicles with highway… Read More
    Sarah Smiley’s column, “Elections distressing to military families” (BDN, Nov. 10), proclaims that Obama’s victory on Nov. 4 is distressing to military families. She says that the important role of a president as commander in chief requires a president who has lived the military life. Read More
    Dean Crocker, the state’s ombudsman for children’s service wrote in an op-ed column (“A better, smarter way to deliver children’s services,” BDN, Nov. 8-9): “In many cases better care can be less expensive care.” Mr. Crocker then goes on to cite evidence-based practice to back up the state’s… Read More
    I read with some interest the BDN’s recent article describing state government’s plan to cut expenses. While efforts to curb expenses are appreciated by all of us who pay taxes, I am concerned about the tack the proposed cuts appear to be taking. Perhaps there are too many… Read More
    Recently I was waiting in my vehicle for my wife to return from a shopping venture inside a Brewer box store. While waiting I noticed the occupants of two New Brunswick cars having conversation regarding purchases of the day. It was apparent that the purchases were to be… Read More
    The first priority of the new Obama administration will be avoid an impending depression. However, other steps should be taken promptly to repair America’s tattered image throughout the world, promote peace and save taxpayer dollars. The new president should categorically renounce and forbid all forms… Read More
    Regarding Douglas Kazdoy’s Nov. 7 letter to the editor which suggested political signs were “visual pollution”: I concur that such signage is completely out of hand. To say that it is redundant understates the problem. Can anyone seriously believe that placing repetitive signage every 10 or 12 feet… Read More
    I am writing to encourage our Sens. Collins and Snowe to co-sponsor and vote for Senate Resolution 636, which recognizes the strategic success of the troop surge in Iraq and expresses gratitude to members of our military for making that success happen. The counterinsurgency strategy… Read More
    With growing public support, and mounting scientific evidence, a bill was introduced in Congress this past April calling for an end to invasive and biomedical research and testing on chimpanzees and their release to permanent sanctuaries. It was spearheaded by the Humane Society of the United States and… Read More
    At last our country can once again become the United States of America, not the divided States of America. Revival has come, not through a revolution, but through the people, in the way we have believed in throughout our history: democracy, by and for the people. Read More
    On the night of Sept. 27, our family experienced the trauma of having our elderly mother lost in the woods in Brooklin in the cold rain. That night was a nightmare. When my sister called the Hancock County sheriff in the evening when we realized that our mother… Read More
    Recently the BDN did an article relating that General Motors was given $25 billion to “retool.” As a boy my parents insisted: “Never beg for anything.” googletag.cmd.push(function () { // Define Slot var slot_sizes = [[300,250]]; var new_slot_sizes = []; var has_banner = false; for… Read More
    When a Maine individual or group comes up with a plan for a casino using as many Maine products as possible, using Maine labor to construct and operate it and most importantly, it ensures that all profits will stay in Maine to support schools and rebuild our aging… Read More
    In response to Cynthia Wind’s Nov. 7 letter on food stamp coverage, I don’t feel it’s the responsibility of taxpayers to pay for women’s feminine hygiene products. People are losing their jobs, homes, and having a difficult time paying for heat and groceries. These people… Read More
    Plum Creek Developers, an out-of-state company with a horrible environmental record including clear-cutting and watershed violations and a history of broken promises comes to Maine. It buys up thousands of acres of land, promising to keep it in tree growth. Then it applies to rezone that land to… Read More
    On Nov. 4, I watched the crowds in Chicago on television, wishing I could be in Grant Park amid the incredible euphoria rising from thousands of hopeful Americans listening to the next president of the United States. It was time to let go of cynicism… Read More
    The Bangor Daily News touts itself as a family-owned paper. It’s unfortunate that the BDN doesn’t also pride itself on being a “family friendly” paper. As my family eats breakfast together we all take our favorite sections of the paper. My 7-year-old daughter goes right… Read More
    One of the many good things about an Obama presidency will be his style of masculinity. No yelling, chest-thumping bravado and no swagger. Obama treats his wife as an equal and he respects strong women. He is graceful and athletic and strong without being overbearing. Read More
    Nov. 4 was a dramatic day in politics in the U.S.A., and some of the drama is owed to Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska. John McCain did not take a risky step in selecting her as his running mate. He knew exactly what he was… Read More
    The traditional conservative Republican Party lost ground in this election. Nevertheless, our American republic will get what we deserve because we, for better or for worse, are still a government of the people, by the people, for the people through our elected representatives. If we… Read More
    Forty-eight years ago when I was in the fifth grade, John F. Kennedy was running for president. I am sure that, as Elizabeth Davis writes in her letter to the editor (BDN, Nov. 6), that I was unaware of the major issues of the time. Read More
    At long last, we have a new and decent president for this wonderful nation. That would have held true for either candidate. Godspeed, U.S.A. We the people are one! A.W. Metz googletag.cmd.push(function () { // Define Slot var slot_sizes = [[300,250]]; var new_slot_sizes = [];… Read More
    “Love one another as I have loved you.” How eloquently Christ’s teaching was expressed by the Rev. Mark Doty’s article concerning the rights of gay and lesbian couples to marry (BDN, Nov. 3). The Connecticut court ruling to grant equal rights to all, regardless of… Read More
    The Rev. Mark Doty’s recent OpEd (“Connecticut ruling step toward justice for gay couples”) spoke with feeling about the compelling reasons to embrace same-sex marriage — justice, equality and our shared humanity. I know gay and lesbian couples who have been in loving same-sex relationships for many years. Read More
    We now have a new president-elect, Barack Obama. The last eight years will be recorded in history as a dark period for our country, a time of lies, distortion of information and corruption of executive power. Barack Obama is not a communist, socialist or Marxist. Read More
    Admittedly, there are many things in this world that I do not comprehend. One of them is the rationale behind the adornment of our city streets with election propaganda signs. Would it be a slap in the face to the First Amendment to prohibit such roadside littering? I… Read More
    As the new president and CEO of The Acadia Hospital, I have been impressed during my first few weeks on the job with the skill and dedication of Acadia employees. Another aspect of Acadia that became immediately apparent to me during my first week is just how fortunate… Read More
    Seems like every time I turn around, a politician is pledging to fight for health insurance for Maine’s children. What about those children who fall through the gaps? Who’s looking out for them? There are children in Maine who can’t get MaineCare-Cubcare because one of… Read More
    In April 1947 in Ebbets Field a black man trotted out to first base and a great change took place in American social and baseball history. The effect went far beyond the baseball diamond and the United States became a better place. The triumph of Jackie Robinson over… Read More
    In a BDN Nov. 3 letter, Duane Hanselman wrote: “I can’t help but wonder why a loving God would condemn two-thirds of the world’s population to such a fate simply because they weren’t born into Christianity.” It seems Mr. Hanselman does not understand that one… Read More
    During this long ordeal of campaigning, there were four things that I never heard a politician say: It’s my fault googletag.cmd.push(function () { // Define Slot var slot_sizes = [[300,250]]; var new_slot_sizes = []; var has_banner = false; for (var i = 0; i… Read More
    With costs of living increasing, I wonder if other families are aware of one cost that is not covered. Women’s feminine hygiene products are not covered by food stamps. Feminine hygiene products are included with toilet paper as “paper products,” which food stamps do not cover. Read More
    While deserved attention has been given to our “energy crisis,” this may be distracting us from an economic crisis. There is no shortage of home heating oil, gas or diesel. What is lacking for some is money to pay for these essentials at current prices. Households might be… Read More
    I was perplexed by your editorial (“Dressed For Success,” Oct. 31) likening Barack Obama’s dress to a foreign exchange student’s and perhaps not fitting in. In my experience, people in other countries dress more carefully, professionally and stylishly than many Americans. In fact, anyone traveling abroad is reminded… Read More
    In these difficult economic times, families and businesses need to find new ways to save money and increase income. Municipalities need to do the same. Here is a suggestion for the city of Bangor. Since a high percentage of area drivers ignore stop signs and… Read More
    As a former public school teacher, I must take exception to the picture of a young boy on the front page of the Oct. 31 issue of the BDN holding up political signs. Children this young do not comprehend the political process. They get wrapped up in the… Read More
    The BDN’s selective use of statistics in the “Consolidation Concerns” editorial of Oct. 30 would do credit to any political campaign spin doctor. It cites a 37 percent increase in state funding without mentioning that at least 10 of those points are to comply with… Read More
    While the solo performances were excellent Sunday afternoon, the Bangor Symphony Orchestra seemed subdued, without the fire and spirit I’ve enjoyed in the past. It must have been difficult for concertmaster Trond Saeverud to step forward and assume the role of conductor on such short notice. Read More
    Gov. Baldacci needs to get tough with the state highway department. I observed three mowers operating just west of Bangor cutting dead grass on I-95 on Oct. 30. I’m sure the commissioner will come up with some lame excuse for wasting money. The crew could be better used… Read More
    The warden shown with Gov. Baxter in the Oct. 30 edition of the BDN is David C. Priest, warden supervisor from Winn. Gov. Baxter liked Dave and Dave would chauffeur him when the governor made his rounds in Baxter Park. googletag.cmd.push(function () { // Define… Read More
    Maine must be a good place to live. Saturday’s BDN obituaries pages carried some interesting figures. Of the 22 listed deceased, six were 90 or older; five were 80 or older; and five were 60 or older. The average age of the 19 whose age… Read More
    My thanks to the Bangor residents who attended the recent Penobscot Theatre production of “State of the Union” at the Bangor Opera House. I had never been to Bangor before performing in this show, but I hope to return to your community in the future. Read More
    This Veterans Day, let us not forget: “It is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press. It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to demonstrate. It is the soldier who salutes the flag, who serves beneath… Read More
    Waiting for mom at EMMC for her yearly mammogram, I only half-listened as the hospital registrars explained a new form waiver to her and several other patients, effective Sept. 1. The phrase “information may be released to charities” kept breaking through my concentration on a sock I was… Read More
    Thank you for shedding light in Tuesday’s editorial, “Time For More Vitamin D,” on revised recommendations for vitamin D for children and adults. It is an important health issue affecting both children and adults in Maine, especially as the daylight becomes less during the fall and winter. The… Read More
    I am very concerned about the many kittens and cats that are not adopted. Often I see local signs offering free kittens. Frequently the people who have these kittens allow their cats to reproduce over and over again. Cats that are not adopted are sometimes left outside without… Read More
    I was very pleased to read Wayne Reilly’s very nice history column (BDN, Oct. 27), along with a terrific photo, of the former Vaudeville House in Bangor. This later was known as the Olympia Theatre. His article brought back many great memories of the very… Read More
    Please accept my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the support that the paper has shown for the Bangor Symphony Orchestra and all that is related to the Bangor arts community over the past six years. In its more than 100 years of existence, the Bangor Symphony Orchestra has… Read More
    Mainers should be proud to have the services of LifeFlight of Maine available to them 24/7. Its award as outstanding air ambulance service in the country is most timely and richly deserved. It is rather extraordinary that I now have been flown smoothly to Boston… Read More
    A study of 16,000 people in 52 countries in the current issue of Circulation found that eating meat, fried foods and salty snacks raised the risk of a heart attack by 35 percent. Conversely, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduced the risk of a heart attack… Read More
    I attended the first home game of University of Maine hockey team. I was happy to see the new scoreboard and video screen, “Black Bear Vision.” It cost somebody thousands of dollars, but it’s a necessary addition to keep up with other arenas. I just wish that a… Read More
    In the BDN’s Oct. 11 “Voices” column, Daryl Witmer declared that “A Life Without Christ is a Life Without Hope or Meaning.” I can’t help but wonder why a loving God would condemn two thirds of the world’s population (about 4.5 billion) to such a fate simply because… Read More
    Is history about to repeat itself? Recalling that in the run-up to the Iraq War, a secret report found its way out of the Middle East, and surfaced by way of the British intelligence service, alleging Iraqi acquisition of weapons of mass destruction. The document turned out to… Read More
    With our neighbors at Dirigo Pines Retirement Community, we have discussed the history of international attempts to control nuclear weapons. We believe it is urgent to mobilize anew to confront the nuclear threat to all peoples. The threat is no longer just between nations, but also from small,… Read More
    In these times of gloom and doom, it is exciting to discover some place that is good, forward-looking and constructive. The Bangor Veterans Home is truly such a place. When I learned an old friend was in the Bangor Veterans Home, I dreaded visiting him… Read More
    It was with sadness that I learned of the new indictment brought against Jim Tobin. I have known Jim for many years through our children’s school and our church. My family and I have volunteered with him repairing homes in Eastport, on mission trips to Honduras and in… Read More
    We, the 6th grade class at Machias Valley Christian School, think everyone should vote this year. Years ago thousands of people didn’t have the right to vote and struggled for the right to vote. The 15th amendment said that African American people could vote. Then in 1920, women… Read More
    On Election Day, I hope you cast your vote for my mother, Rep. Jackie Lundeen, who is running for Senate District 34, which encompasses towns from Presque Isle south to Houlton and into southern Aroostook. My mom was born and raised in Mars Hill where… Read More
    This year, our election ballots offer a full range of candidates and offices to consider from the White House in Washington to City Hall right here in Bangor. As budgets tighten at the federal and state level, so does it at the municipal level. With it comes the… Read More
    As a citizen concerned about the effects of alcohol on our youth, I am advocating for a “no” vote on Question 1. In an effort to prevent the use of alcohol by our youth, I am willing to pay a few pennies more on beverages. Read More
    Question 3 on the Maine ballot will ask voters if they “favor a $3,400,000 bond issue to support drinking water programs, to support the construction of wastewater treatment facilities and to leverage $17,000,000 in other funds?” Under both the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act,… Read More
    If you wish to vote for real change, vote for Herb Hoffman for U.S. senator. He is a write-in candidate because the Democratic Party forced him off the ballot. He believes that we should get out of Iraq and Afganistan – both troops and contractors. Read More