June 25, 2019

Don’t be seduced

We take exception with a recent letter regarding the Winter Harbor “ecoresort.” Contrary to the writer’s opinion, many of us who are against the project are not “environmentalists who come out of the woodwork every time someone proposes a development.” We are also not “a very tiny minority with an anti-growth mindset.” Unlike the writer, we are Schoodic residents and business owners who understand that the essential, defining element of Schoodic is its natural habitat. We recognize and appreciate the ecological significance of the land in question, and we support sound stewardship.

We know how easy it is for people to be seduced by the proposal. The potential for new tax revenues, jobs and housing is enticing. For local small-business owners like us, an expanded customer base seems alluring. But the possible benefits of the project are far outweighed by the clear negatives.

There is the obvious devastation that would occur, the questionable quantity and quality of the jobs that would be created and the burden that would be placed on local resources and services. Perhaps the major flaw, however, is that this is a proposal by outsiders for outsiders. It has no Schoodic connection or involvement. It is not community based or focused.

We understand that it is possible to create an ecologically friendly community that complements the environment. We recognize that careful development and managed growth are important. The ecoresort is none of these things. It is the wrong proposal for the Schoodic Peninsula.

Garry and Rosemary Levin


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