June 25, 2019

Just ‘too big’

I am surprised to see that corporate America has been allowed to grow to the point that it demonstrates the status of being “too big to fail.”

They clearly enjoy tremendous power over those departments assigned to oversee their activities. Corporations are threatening and intimidating the country with financial ruin if the taxpayers don’t do what they are told. The heads of these big corporations eagerly display their high level of arrogance and contempt for the citizenry and the values that made this country so productive. The people are now considered a resource to be exploited, something to be used.

The taxpayers have been robbed of their savings, retirements, their jobs and their hope. The American dream is dying!

We have been robbed of a trillion dollars with more demands to come with no end or appeal in sight. Those in power completely refuse to inform the people about just what they are doing with our money except printing more and further devaluing the dollar.

When a man does the right thing in the marketplace he is usually rewarded and when a man is dishonest and greedy, he just may fail. Such is the market. Hold them accountable. No bailouts!! Let the market take its toll, things will work out for the better.

James Landry


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