July 20, 2019

Civil unions first

It appears to me the recent controversy over the “right” of gay couples to marry has taken on a life of its own with gay marriage proponents accusing opponents of narrow-mindedness, hatefulness, intolerance and bigotry. Proponents highlight the right of any committed couple to enjoy those rights society has seen fit to grant heterosexual couples while minimizing or denying any negative effect on the institution itself.

For proponents of gay marriage, I have just one question: If it is really just the attendant rights that society provides to married couples that you believe should be provided to all committed couples, then why do you not put your energies behind a fight you could easily win now, namely establishing civil unions with each and every one of the attendant statutory rights of marriage?

Even a staunch curmudgeon such as myself could support that. I fear the answer to that question has more to do with proponents’ insecurities than genuine concerns about equal rights. I can’t help but wonder if the gay marriage proponents’ beef is really more with the one responsible for discriminating against them by granting only heterosexual couples’ specially designed interlocking attributes and the ability to create new life than against their mortal opponents.

Randy Day


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