May 23, 2019

Obama is one of us

Does Sarah Smiley (“Elections distressing to military families,” BDN, Nov. 10) really understand Obama’s election? It’s about people ready for change, electing someone they feel is going to accomplish this, will turn this country around and reclaim what is ours.

Obama won this election by a landslide, electoral college and popular vote. No single race elected him; it was all the people, united, who feel he can make a difference. Military and nonmilitary voted, and he was endorsed by one of the strongest military leaders in our country for what he stood for and believed in, not because he was “one of them.”

Countries and people all over the world rejoiced in his election, feeling America has finally stood up and become strong and united again for the first time in years. Obama understands the lifestyles of many, the hopes and dreams, no matter what race or color, of those struggling to make ends meet, send children to school, put food on the table, and heat their homes.

We should all look at Obama and say, “Yes, he is one of us.”

Shame on Sarah Smiley if she is angry that a child has a “pep in his step,” beaming, assuming his thoughts because he is African-American. Mourn the loss of your leader if you must, don’t take away the excitement of millions.

Linda Ambrose


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