May 23, 2019

Transcendent within

This is in response to the letter by the Rev. Gregory Hewitt on Christianity as the only path to salvation.

It is precisely because of this exclusivity that many of us have left Christianity. It no longer fulfills what we intuit as the image of God.

Christianity is only one image of God. The full nature of the transcendent is too immense for the mind of humans to grasp. God is not “out there.” God is in the awesome beauty and complexity of the natural world. God is in each person and each person holds their own image of the transcendent. The theologies and myths of non-Christians are as true as the those of Christianity.

The time of revelation did not end in the fourth century C.E. when the Apostles’ Creed was declared by men to be orthodox Christian dogma.

Revelation continues as the mind and spirit of humanity continue to evolve. Revelation continues through the works of philosophers and poets, whose thoughts give us deeper insights into our own humanity and our place in the universe. It continues in the work of scientists whose discoveries reveal more of the wonders of nature. It continues in each of us.

How we find the meaning of our lives is a journey to find the image of God within ourselves. In the Gospel According to Thomas, Jesus says, “Bring forth what is within you, what you have will save you.”

JoDee Creighton


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