May 23, 2019

Iran disinformation

Is history about to repeat itself? Recalling that in the run-up to the Iraq War, a secret report found its way out of the Middle East, and surfaced by way of the British intelligence service, alleging Iraqi acquisition of weapons of mass destruction. The document turned out to be planted misinformation (a.k.a. disinformation) but not before the U.S. and United Kingdom went to war waving it.

In spite of all indications one can not know, for certain, that one is in the run-up to a war, until the shooting starts. But war or no war, history may be about to repeat itself, in the form of another clandestine intel report.

British intelligence (MI6) has reportedly surfaced a document alleging that a Russian missile scientist has helped Iran design detonators whose only use could be in a nuclear weapon. This document is reportedly one of a number of secret reports surfaced by British intelligence alleging that Iran is in the advanced stages of building a nuclear weapon. Without speculation as to the ultimate source or validity of this intelligence, whether it is bona fide or bogus, it does not tend to improve relations with Russia. Nor does it diminish the prospects for an Israeli attack on Iran before the end of 2008.

Richard Gay

Blue Hill

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