May 23, 2019


After enjoying a Labor Day holiday break, ClickBack returns this week in high gear for the political season. The party conventions are over, the kids are back in school, there’s a nip in the air, and it’s less than 60 days until Election Day. Each week from now until Nov. 4, ClickBack will feature at least one election-related question. Editorial page readers, who we know are political junkies, can weigh in by visiting, pulling down on the Opinion tab, and clicking on ClickBack. If you haven’t registered, do so to participate. Post your comments, respond to other comments, or if you don’t like ours, pose your own question.

Was Gov. Sarah Palin a good choice as John McCain’s running mate?

Republicans are energized by the Palin pick, calling her “a breath of fresh air.” She’s a young, attractive mother of five, a hunter, a fundamentalist Christian and self-described reformer. But is she believable as someone committed to cutting government spending given her record in Alaska of seeking and using congressional earmarks? And is she experienced enough to be a heartbeat away from a 72-year-old president? Is the power of her charm and her life story enough to make her a viable candidate?

Who is the “elite liberal media”?

A refrain of the Republican National Convention was that the elite liberal media was cozy with Democrats and favored Sen. Barack Obama. Myth? Or is there some truth to that charge? If so, what examples can you cite? MSNBC recently took criticism from media critics over using liberal apologist and Bush critic Keith Olberman as a co-host for the network’s convention coverage. Fox News used its conservative apologist Bill O’Reilly to host some prime time convention coverage. Is the age of objectivity over?

Should Maine require motorcyclists to wear helmets?

The 17th motorcyclist fatality of the year was recorded days ago, while 23 motorcyclists died in all of 2007. Some of the trend may be tied to increased motorcycle use because of high gas prices (motorcycles can get 85 miles per gallon).

While Maine legislators have been loathe to pass a helmet law, the argument is often made that higher health insurance costs are borne by everyone because of severe motorcycle injuries. Should motorcyclists make the decision on helmets, or should the state?

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