December 13, 2019

Warden defends decision

Editorial page readers – and readers of other pages of the BDN’s Web site – were eager to comment on the game warden’s decision last Saturday to shoot a bear wandering a Bangor neighborhood. Readers also commented on Sen. Obama’s trip to the Middle East and Europe, and on the possibility of a second federal stimulus check.

Should the bear in Bangor have been shot and killed?

What a tragically sad ending but the people in the gathering crowd have to share blame because had they stayed indoors or in vehicles perhaps the bear would not have become as agitated and disoriented allowing time to trap the bear.

– classylassie

Thank you for this comment. You’ve restored my faith in human common sense. Sometimes I think that people worry more about animals than humans. Would this “you shouldn’t have killed it” mantra have been chanted so loudly if say, it went after and mauled a three-year-old who was in the crowd that stood by watching? Frightened bears are dangerous, game wardens are few and far between, tranquilizers do not necessarily give instantaneous results, and in many cases, can cause the animal to rage even more before they go down. As long as we continue to build subdivisions in their habitat, they will continue to be seen in the city. There is no “win-win” situation in this case. That’s what we employ the wardens to do – make decisions about the dispatch of dangerous animals. Let them do their jobs.

– reloop

Sen. Obama’s trip to the Middle East – substantive or PR stunt?

How about both substantive and PR? Of course he wants to boost his stature as a potential commander-in-chief – if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be much of a candidate. Hopefully he is also listening and learning while on site. As he’s a very smart man, I’m sure he is.

– Mcpd

Definitely substantive. Our world is more global than ever and any candidate for public office must be informed on the issues. Learning first hand is the best way to understand and build a valid, coherent foreign policy that will improve relationships. If you don’t meet with world leaders, how do you accomplish this?

– classylassie

Definitely publicity. Look for more flip flops coming. Why isn’t he meeting with the anti-Muslims over there?

– homer

Will a second federal stimulus check heal the economy?

I think it would be wiser to lower the $9.5 trillion national debt and shore up the dollar by getting out of imperialism and raising taxes to where they were when Bill Clinton was president and the economy was humming.

– takei

It is not a wise move because it is too short term and short sighted but what a great way to ingratiate oneself to your constituents in an election year. Let’s get real and do some substantive work to stimulate the economy without mortgaging our children’s and grandchildren’s futures more than the Republicans already have.

– classylassie

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