July 18, 2019

Supple Trends So you wanna feel fashionable while you’re finding your chakra? It’s not a stretch to combine yoga-class comfort with genuine style

If there were a yoga-class yearbook, I’d be voted “least likely to succeed.” Those pictures of sinuous women twisted up like pretzels? Yeah. Not me. The downward facing dog is, shall we say, a bit of a challenge. And I’m such a caffeinated stress case that I practically bleed coffee.

Want to know the worst part? I can’t even touch my toes.

And yet, I find solace in the stretching. It’s like coming home. Except the floors aren’t covered with dog fur, which I find very relaxing.

But lately, some of my classmates – and an instructor – have come up to me after class with a common concern. One that threatens to throw things off balance. They want to know: Where do we find stylish yoga gear? Not surprisingly, this stressed me out even more because until recently, I didn’t have a solid answer.

Sure, there’s a lot of chic gear online, but it’s all really expensive. As a yogi friend of mine said, “There are a small number of people who are making a lot of money off yoga.” True. And ironic. But the demand is there.

At Lucy.com, gorgeous tanks and camis abound, but there’s no way I’m paying $70 for a pair of “resort pants” – which bear a striking resemblance to sweatpants. BePresent.com offers a full line of soft bamboo yoga clothes. And Nuala, started by supermodel and yoga devotee Christy Turlington, is lovely. But you can’t get it in Maine.

So I set off in search of spiritual fulfillment (aka “a great outfit”). This mission began as many an epic quest does: at Old Navy. There, I grabbed a clearance velour tracksuit for $18 and considered a range of tanks and soft pants before trekking to T.J.’s. My yogi friend swears by the Maxx for minimum prices on her favorite brands.

At T.J.’s I didn’t quite reach nirvana, but I did find fitted pants that didn’t make my butt look big – close enough. The black bottoms by Marika were flattering and inexpensive ($16.99). I also treated myself to a loose, low-rise pair of pants by Bija ($14.99). I’m quite sure they won’t give me the ability to touch the back of my head with my foot, like the woman on the tag. But a girl can dream.

Dreaming is exactly what I did when I hit Epic Sports in Bangor. Epic sells the luscious Prana line, and for spring, it will carry yoga clothes from Sierra Outdoors, as well. I’m completely smitten with the sophisticated tops with built-in support from Prana. They’re made of Viana, a breathable supplex nylon. And they’re cute enough to wear out on the town. The orange floral tanks from Isis are adorable and sporty, and since I have matchy-match tendencies, I was drawn to the sticky mat and woven rug by Prana. The spring offerings will arrive soon, but for a preview, visit Prana.com.

Discount and sporting goods chains are a sure bet for the basics: Target has a whole line of brightly colored Gaiam mats for yoga and Pilates, as well as a cute array of yoga clothes, too. Dick’s Sporting Goods carries cute Life Is Good yoga tees, but if you visit DicksSportingGoods.com and search for “yoga,” you’ll find a huge selection of gear.

Soma by Chico’s, available online at Soma.com, brings comfort to a new level of luxury. Plus, the site’s sale section is tempting and affordable – which is key.

Because really, who wants to spend a lot on yoga gear? Not me. I have enough to stress me out. Like dog hair. And the nagging suspicion that I’m a yoga-class slacker. And trying to touch my toes.

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