March 28, 2020

Reality check for Adams

It was very frustrating seeing Mary Adams on the front page of the Oct. 21-22 Bangor Daily News in all her apparent glory, well dressed, propertied, seeming financially to want for nothing in pursuit of yet another mission to manipulate, control and form the people of Maine into her image. This is despite my understanding that when this referendum from away needed legs, a local face had to be brought forth.

As I’ve encountered Adams over the years at different venues, I found her ill informed about the realities of life. I would ignore her constant harping about money although, in my culture, it’s considered uncouth to talk about money, yours or someone else’s. Our biblical belief is also clear with Jesus’ admonition “to render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.”

This debate is not helpful. Our familial philosophy not to criticize the kids in front of company deserves repeating here, too. We need to celebrate our successes and to fix the challenges we encounter every day managing a huge, under- income, cold and sparsely populated state inhabited by great, intelligent and resourceful people.

I find Adams’ quest disingenuous as she’s second-guessing the motive of every elected official in Maine. Historically, she’s been preaching that it’s all about local control and that the state and federal governments should shrivel up and die. Why does she trust us the voters who placed all these people in office to now make better decisions? If we’re so unhappy with the budgetary and public policy process, what is stopping any of us from voicing our opinions on a regular basis in our town halls and legislative committees?

Having been raised in the St. John Valley, I have never seen much public funds expended here. We are always dealing with the bare basics. Sitting at the legislative table for 14 years did nothing to dissuade me from this reality in Maine. Our time was often like rearranging chairs on the Titanic. We have a state budget that is often less than those of many small cities.

What part of the education health, human services, public safety and transportation doesn’t Adams understand? Has she not been the beneficiary of the same? Is she ignoring the cash payments the taxpayers make to large corporations so they can keep our people employed?

I’ve asked Adams to visit this area and see how people survive with practically nothing. This would be the little stage; apparently, she can only operate on a big stage. Washington, D.C., should be her destination. There she could use her ideology, if it’s pure, to stanch the red ink that is crippling our country. This would be helpful to the people of Maine. Vote no on 1.

Judy Ayotte Paradis


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