April 08, 2020
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All athletes deserve equal treatment

I would like to congratulate coach Larry Smith’s Bangor High School girls soccer team on an exceptional season.

By all accounts their talent and skill was remarkable. All of these athletes should receive nothing but respect for their effort.

I will not however extend the same high praise to the BDN sportswriting staff. Over the course of this season and many others, I have read with interest the high praise extended to Bangor High School athletes, and the complete lack of respect for virtually all others.

It was with interest that I read the article regarding the Mount Ararat upset. It was truly fascinating that the Karkos cross “found its way in the net.” It was equally astonishing that a Sammi Owen throw in “deflected in off a Bangor defender.” Alternatively, the goal by “standout” Amy Hackett was a “powerful header” that left Mount Ararat goalie Jessica Stahl “helpless.”

Based on these comments and others one would perceive that the outcome of this game was truly one-sided.

It certainly left me wondering how many Mount Ararat athletes fell down simply trying to remove their warmups.

Interestingly enough Bangor only had a five-shot advantage over Mount Ararat.

We all understand the name on the top of the paper. Let’s also remember that all student-athletes deserve praise and respect, regardless of the community that they represent.

Michael El-Hajj


It’s time for Yankee fans to stop whining

I really enjoyed the two “essays” written by bitter Yankee fans in Tuesday’s BDN. For the record, there is no hostility, bashing, resentment or other colorful terms used by Red Sox fans to describe their feelings with New England’s baseball team. There is, obviously, a feeling of disappointment that we missed the playoffs. Oh, and the brief reprieve that we felt when the Yankees, who puffed up their chests in August, fell from the postseason like a ball from A-Rod’s glove.

I really feel bad for Yankee fans that live in Maine. I served as a member of the U.S. Army and fought for the right for you to cheer for your favorite team without fear of reproach. I however, did not fight for the right for people to sit in the heart of Red Sox Nation and throw pebbles at a proud fan-base like Johnny Damon trying desperately to get the ball back to the infield… so it here goes!

Stop whining, the season is over for both teams! Tell Steinbrenner to pay $400 million next year, the league can use the luxury tax revenue! Show some dignity for a change. If you really like the Yanks, act more like Joe Torre. The guy has more class than anyone in the game. Stop looking in your rearview mirror, your limo has broken down!

Kevin Hamel

Old Town

Lack of sportsmanship upsets soccer parent

I was recently at a game in Van Buren and the fans’ sportsmanship was awful. One of the Ashland girls collided with a Van Buren girl and the Van Buren girl fell to the ground. A Van Buren fan yelled out a rude comment. There were other parents of Ashland players there that also heard that statement and other comments.

I was appalled by this behavior, seeing as the athletic director had commented before the game even started that everyone should show good sportsmanship. My daughter plays on the Ashland team, as do many of her friends, and the [Van Buren] team was not very nice, either. I do not understand how people can act like that at a sporting event.

These are just kids, after all, and the adults are supposed to be setting an example, and I don’t think that is the kind of attitude that I want my daughter to have about sports or life in general. If that is the way these fans want to be, they should not be allowed to be at the games. I was so upset by that comment, along with other statements, that had my blood was boiling.

I talked to Ashland’s athletic director and he spoke to Van Buren’s athletic director and someone was supposed to sit with their fans to keep them in check. I don’t feel that is the way sports should be handled. If you have unruly fans, they should be made to leave. It sounded a lot like a threat, and that was from a fan, not a player. I am very upset by the thought that the players are out to hurt other teams just to win. [I’m a] very upset parent and fan.

Gerri Condon


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