April 08, 2020

Our readers write on candidates, issues Send Kamilewicz to Congress

As a soldier in Iraq, I saw my father’s visions of home during the darkest times I have ever faced. While I was in the sea of sand, sweat and blood of Iraq, he reminded me of a world far away, that beautiful place called Maine. He constantly reminded me of our coast’s pristine beauty, our deep green land, and strong people so ready to rise for what is good and right.

Now I am back from war, and I see that sea-worn-smooth granite cove my heart will forever call home. Maine draws a deep breath to breathe life into me – a new and wonderful future.

It is time for Maine and America to refocus ourselves, no longer to be slave and servant to those entities that seek to drain our coffers, our moral fiber, and our souls. We must raise our voices so that our industry, land, ports and people shall not be bought and sold to the highest bidder. We must raise our voices so that our children will not have to endure the whims and wrath of the world because of greed.

Let us remake ourselves stronger and put our people first. Let us set the example for others to follow by building up our country instead of marching off to war on other peoples. Let’s release the hard-working men and women from the heavy burdens of health care and education costs so that our children can live good, fulfilling lives.

Make a bold stroke upon your ballot, and vote for a new future this Nov. 7. Vote for my father, Dexter Kamilewicz, for Congress.

Benjamin Kamilewicz

Duluth, Minn.

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