April 06, 2020
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Frustrated with Brewer leadership

I want to express my frustration with the Brewer High School Athletic Department leadership. Friday, Oct. 20, was without a doubt the most important football game as the winner got the final playoff spot. It was also senior night and the potential last game for many players and cheerleaders. This special night will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

The decision was made to play the game despite the forecast, the weather already in western Maine, and that many teams had postponed their games. At the start of the third quarter, the game was suspended in the interest of safety due to lightning, yet the team was required to make the half-mile run to the safety of the high school without supervision or escort.

The suspended game was then moved to Belfast citing a lack of time to prepare the field and because “it was only fair.” It was prepared enough to have youth soccer play on Saturday morning. If it was because of youth soccer, there has been precedent to postpone those games to allow the high school to play (there are two other soccer fields in Brewer). Also, many parents would have volunteered to assist in getting the field ready.

The final insult was the lack of recognition of senior night. This is an opportunity for players, cheerleaders, and parents to create a final memory. The cheerleaders were told that because of the time left in the game and distance, the school would not pay for a bus for them. So they did not go. The players lost the home-field advantage, were taunted, and finally watched their opponent celebrate their “on the road” win.

Thanks for the memories. We’ll add it to the long list being created by this ineffective leadership – it’s only fair.

Sandra Babin


Sportsmanship at UMaine not a surprise

I was very pleased to read the article by Pete Warner about the actions taken by the UM football team towards the injured Villanova wide receiver Anton Ridley. Although I was pleased, I was not at all surprised. Following a variety of UM sports teams over the years has led me to believe that the leadership and character of the players and coaches has always been above reproach. The fact that a brawl broke out at the Miami-Florida International football game on the same day I do not believe had any bearing on what the UM players, coaches, and staff did for Anton Ridley. They still would have given their support regardless. Their actions simply justified my belief and faith in the sports programs throughout the state of Maine.

Paul Dayton


Sox should just look forward, not back

In reference to all of the Red Sox Nation bashing of the Yankees, and the season they had, it’s important to remember that the Sox, with the second highest payroll in baseball, and the highest ticket prices, were eliminated in late August. So the phrase “money doesn’t always win the game,” should be reserved for others, not you. Bottom line: at the end, you were in our rearview mirror.

Gordon Hartwell


Red Sox fans upset about wrong thing

Is it just me or do Red Sox fans seem more upset that the Yankees lost than the fact that their team ended up in third place?

Year after year, we hear excuses (money, injuries), but you have to play the game and we aren’t doing it well enough. To go into Fenway Park and sweep five in a row was sweet!

George [Steinbrenner] gives us the opportunity to win every year. That’s what a good businessman does. He wants to succeed and he does to a point. Jealousy is a bad thing. You really should seek help for this.

The Red Sox and their fans go hand-in-hand like fine wine and cheese, except in the Milo area. There seems to be more whine than cheese!

Yankees fans know all too well that money doesn’t buy championships. We haven’t won since 2000, but only one [Red Sox] championship since 1918?

I reiterate, complain to your ownership, not the New York Yankees. Have a nice day and get on with your life. It’s just a game!

Ed “Moon” Grant


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