March 29, 2020

Little ShopGirl of Horrors Die-hard shoppers have nothing to fear when seeking out Halloween bargains

All sorts of freaks come out at Halloween.

Like me. And my sister. And my mom – I mean, my mummy.

You see, we’re so into the holiday, it’s scary.

Things that go bump in the night? Bring ’em on. Hors d’oeuvres that resemble brains, eyeballs and severed fingers? Yummy. Black cats crossing paths? Meee-owwww.

These signs of the season are all well and good. But when it comes to my family, it’s the presents that are really spooktacular. We may be too old for trick-or-treating, but we’ll never outgrow ghostly gifts. In fact, we’ve taken to calling them Halloweenies, a term coined by ShopGirl Jr.

As for ShopGuy? Well, it’s enough to give him the creeps. OK, knicknacks in general give him the creeps, but he should know that love is kind of crazy with a spooky little girl like me. Besides, at Halloween, all of the decorations magically disappear come Nov. 1. Like a specter.

This year, I’ve already picked up some ghoulishly good gifties. It all started on a trip to Millinocket, where Gracie’s Aunt’s Closet had luminarias, beautiful primitives – even a Halloween angel – and the prices weren’t even a little eerie.

The next haunt on my jaunt, Rebecca’s in downtown Bangor, had all the accoutrements needed for a spirited gathering. There, I picked up a witch-craft for mom and a demented-looking pumpkin figurine. Just what my sister needs. And since it’s so close to Halloween, the folks at Rebecca’s have gone all “Friday the Thirteenth” on the prices. In other words, they’re slashed.

T.J. Maxx has a frightening array of Halloween decor. I never thought I’d see a devil-shaped nutcracker, but hey, whatever works. I skipped Satan, but did grab a four-pack of black-cat candles for ShopCat – he’s one festive feline.

Speaking of festive, Ingrid’s German Shop in Bangor is well-known for Christmas ornaments, but Ingrid’s selection of Halloween accessories is equally tasteful. I love the German wooden votive holders and the miniature porcelain gourds.

One of my colleagues has been roaming the aisles of Marden’s, which is costume central this year. This is good, because Halloween garb, wigs and makeup are usually freakishly overpriced, even for die-hards like me. And my sister. And my mummy.

I guess you could call us Halloweenies, too.

Just don’t call us on Oct. 31.

We’ll be busy.

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