April 07, 2020

Woodcock’s straight talk

You can bet that Gov. John Baldacci knows he is in trouble. Why? Because rather than focus on his record of accomplishment during his term as governor, he and his allies are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars attacking his very worthy opponent, state Sen. Chandler Woodcock.

Woodcock himself said it best: “They are doing this because they want to change the subject – they don’t want to change Augusta.”

The ads are replete with the standard fear-mongering we’ve come to expect from the Democrats and Baldacci’s camp. They are intensifying their efforts and stepping up their attacks on Woodcock because they cannot run on Baldacci’s record.

Government spending has increased nearly $1 billion since Baldacci took office. We cannot sustain that level of spending, yet the governor is promising the moon and the stars to voters all across the state. Meanwhile, Woodcock is talking honestly to people about what we can and cannot afford. Maine is facing $5 billion in unfunded liability debt to its pension system, and currently owes its hospitals nearly $400 million. For Woodcock, this means we need to set priorities and make tough choices. Despite these facts, the governor routinely boasts of a surplus.

You may have seen the hit piece that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson signed off on that recently ran in these pages. In his piece, Richardson offered an unenthusiastic endorsement of Baldacci, while criticizing Republican efforts to get Maine back on track.

Maine people care little for the partisan, Washington-style politics amplified by Richardson. They care about honest debate and positive solutions on the issues facing Mainers.

Woodcock is an independent-minded, straight-talking politician with a common sense approach to government problems. He is gaining momentum by being honest about our challenges – and opportunities – and positive about solutions. He is campaigning to make Maine a better place to raise a family and work.

or Woodcock has a plan to reduce our highest in the nation tax burden by reducing the top marginal income tax rate and he is a strong advocate for meaningful spending reform at all levels of government. When it comes to healthcare, Chandler understands that you don’t tax something to make it more affordable. Instead, he has proposed creating a more competitive marketplace for insurers by allowing Mainers to shop for and purchase health insurance from other states. And he wants to

change our burdensome health insurance regulations that prevent us from rewarding people who make healthy lifestyle choices with a break on their premiums.

Baldacci and the Maine Democratic Party cannot define Woodcock through their negative ads, nor are Washington-insiders writing drive-by hit pieces. Woodcock has dedicated his life to serving others. He is a Ronald Reagan Republican who appeals to independents, Democrats, and Republicans alike. He connects with Mainers who relate to his background as a teacher, coach, veteran and sportsman. People are lining up behind him because they see him as an agent of change, which is exactly what this state needs.

Woodcock, along with Republican candidates for the House and Senate, offers the best hope for improving Maine’s economy. Baldacci and the Democrats refuse to acknowledge our poor economic

standing, instead choosing only to a.) blame Washington for everything and b.) attack Woodcock.

We would agree with Richardson’s assertion that Baldacci is not shying away from his record – he is running away from it. And for the record, Woodcock doesn’t want Maine to be “like the rest of the

country.” He wants to bring Maine back to the way life should be.

Senate Republican Leader Paul T. Davis, Sr. serves Senate District 27 of Piscataquis County. He is the Co-Chairman of the Woodcock for Governor Committee.

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