April 06, 2020

TABOR’s rude awakening

Imagine a plan where government must live within its means. It must live with increases adjusted for the rate of inflation or get two-thirds approval from the taxpayers for larger expenditures. It cannot simply continue with the tax-and-spend policies of the past.

This must be evil.

Luckily, there has been more than $1 million raised mostly from our out-of-state sources to help combat this evil. Also, we have the tireless efforts of the parties most guilty of the tax-and-spend mindset lobbying against the plan. I wonder how much of this is being done with taxpayer money and government time.

Perhaps the ethics of these parties should be investigated for conducting politics on the job.

Listening to the ads against TABOR gives me more reason to want to support it since the arguments they use against TABOR are the best arguments for it, namely more tax-and-spend.

Maybe the opponents of TABOR need to do some soul-searching as to whether the taxpayers should decide if gigantic tax increases are warranted and not left to the minority to decide.

TABOR – good or evil – may cause a rude awakening to the politicians and bureaucrats in November.

Richard G. Peer


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