April 08, 2020

TABOR by the people

It is interesting to see who the supporters of the doom-and- gloom rhetoric about TABOR are. Most of them seem to derive their livelihood from our tax dollars.

TABOR is about getting us back to government by the people, not just by a handful of bureaucrats. After TABOR is voted in; let’s say your town needs a new fire truck. The people know a fire truck is needed and a majority vote to purchase the truck.

At the last SAD 3 school board meeting where varsity football is still in live debate after being voted down this past spring, I noticed a sign at the meeting put forth by the advocates of this proposed football program. The sign tried to show how $50,000 was just a small decimal percentage of the overall multi-million dollar school budget. I guess these folks never heard the old saying “A thousand here, a thousand there – pretty soon you’re talking real money.”

At this point 11 school board members decide in or out this new expensive varsity football program that benefits only a few students. Wouldn’t it be better, just like the new fire truck, to have a majority decide, or is that what they are really afraid of?

Joe Lucey


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