July 13, 2020

More views on TABOR

In watching the debate over the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, I have yet to hear any opponent say that if we have to curb spending we may have to cut back on welfare. They say we’ll lose police, firefighters and teachers.

Are they placing their beloved welfare system ahead of public protection? These are the typical scare tactics used by politicians when they are asked to spend responsibly. Maine has one of the largest, easiest to manipulate welfare systems in America.

The reason we see so many people moving into Lewiston and start living on state aid is because it’s easy. TABOR is simply the citizens of Maine saying “enough is enough.” TABOR opponents are the same tax-and-spend politicians in Augusta who are always looking for ways to get more money out of the working class. The thought of having to live within your means, like the rest of us, is foreign to them.

Instead of throwing more money to Augusta, we should be asking, “Why do we have one of the worst tax burdens in America and so little to show for it?”

Where is the money going? Did they take lessons from Enron on how to manage money? If they cut back on public protection before they cut welfare or pork projects, they will be looking for new jobs at the end of their terms. Vote for the Taxpayer Bill of Rights and force them to do the right thing.

Scott Jones



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