April 07, 2020

Hay Bright worthy

It’s not that we are not grateful to Sen. Olympia Snowe for her service to Maine and her occasional stands against the Cheney-Bush administration. Her support for clean air, protection of the Alaskan wilderness against the oil interests and concern for a democratic Internet are well known and appreciated.

It’s when she votes for Bill Frist and Mitch McConnell to lead the Senate, thus enabling the neocons to continue their damage to our country, that we must draw the line. To send Snowe back to the Senate to ensure a Republican majority is not in Maine’s or the nation’s interest.

It is vitally important that we achieve a Democratic majority in the Senate for the next two Cheney-Bush years – a small brake on the out-of-control White House. Maine can assist in this vital cause by electing Jean Hay Bright in November. She is the worthy Democratic candidate and would be a credit to Maine in the United States Senate. Her election could be a key factor in ensuring a Demo-cratic majority in the Senate.

As Harold Meyerson wrote recently in The Washington Post: “Chafee, Snowe and DeWine (moderates in the Senate) readily admit that a melted polar ice cap would be troublesome; they will fight it tooth and nail. But come time to vote for majority leader, they always vote for a leader of a party in thrall to big oil.”

Tom Schroth


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