April 07, 2020

Bill Frist has a problem

In the Other Voices section on the Sept. 19 BDN editorial page there appeared an item titled, “Clock ticks on math, science,” that had been published in the The Dallas Morning News on Sept. 15. The essence of the editorial decried the fact that federal lawmakers have not acted on expanded funding for programs to support needed math and science education improvements at the middle and high school levels. It was further noted that Senate Majority Leader (and would be presidential hopeful) Bill Frist would consider action “if it doesn’t bust the budget.”

What disingenuous gall! We have a national government whose legislative and executive branches have no difficulty appropriating multi-billions of dollars for often dubious pork projects and bringing democracy to (or is it ensuring the oil flow from) the Middle East.

One never hears the words “budget buster” in these contexts, whether it be in the mainstream federal budget development pro-cess or extraneous allocations to prop up war activities.

When will the moment come that we invest some resources in efforts that could provide our youth with enhanced opportunities for academic success, and perhaps be better equipped to make positive contributions to domestic productivity and a host of other issues important to American society?

As a cardiac surgeon, Frist certainly has reaped the benefits, and hopefully appreciates the value, of the medical education he received. Yet he experiences a problem with creating a means whereby others might acquire the skills to experience similar success. And he aspires to be our next president?

My goodness!

G. Lansing Blackshaw


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