December 12, 2019

Outlaw carcinogenic pill

Liberal columnists and editorialists are elated over the recent vaccine against the worst of the many variations of the sexually transmitted disease (STD) Human Papilloma Virus. But why were they silent all these years while this cancer-causing form of HPV was burying so many women?

Their hypocrisy is once again evident with their silence about the cancer-causing, most commonly used birth-control pill. The World Health Organization lists this killer pill on its highest classification of cacinogenicty, causing breast, liver and cervical cancer. We hear nothing from these hypocrites about saving the lives of 100-plus million worldwide who ingest this pill. If they were really interested in saving lives, they would be screaming for the outlawing of this carcinogenic pill.

The dangerous contraceptive-abortifacient Depo Provera now carries a black-box warning label for physicians because it causes irreversible bone density in girls after only eight shots. Where are the liberal columns and editorials demanding the outlawing of this killer?

There are approximately 25 other STDs, many of them viral and incurable. Fifty million Americans, mostly young, have at least one, costing billions of dollars annually.

While refusing $170,000 to teach our children life-saving abstinence, Gov. John Baldacci gave $1.5 million of our tax dollars to Maine Family Planning. In turn, they praised him for refusing funding to teach abstinence. Family Planning, of course, does not make a cent from kids practicing that.

Visit and learn how to save lives.

Ron J. Stauble Sr.


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