April 20, 2019

Union should play fair

MSEASEIU union is forcing all state of Maine employees to pay 73 percent fair share for the service of having the union negotiate for them. However, the employees will not be allowed to vote for the work the union has done for them unless they agree to pay the 27 percent more to be a full union member. If any of the current 4,000 nonunion employees who will be affected by fair share choose not to join the union they will be terminated from employment.

The 27 percent is part of their political agenda. I am neither a Republican nor Democrat. I vote my conscious, not party line. I do not feel that in order to get a vote I need to pay into a particular political agenda. I know that the union is very democratic in nature. I do not agree with the fact that they are so biased towards one group and would use my money to support people with flyers and phone calls. Why is it that if forced to pay 73 percent of the union dues, I will not be given a vote?

Maine is very independent in nature. They have taken that away by forcing people to subscribe to an ideology that they may not agree with.

A question I have as well is to whether or not Confidential State of Maine Employees will be charged fair share or not. Many higher-paid employees are not in the union but receive the yearly raises, and many other benefits that the union members obtain. If not, why?

If the union wants to be fair then it needs to do so all around. I would like to see every state employee gain a vote if we are forced to pay fair share at the 73 percent rate. It would then be left to the employees to choose whether they want to pay more.

Jeff Furlong

South China

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