February 26, 2020

Beyond the invective

After months of reading a steady stream of letters deriding the Bush administration for every conceivable problem in the world, I am more convinced than ever that liberals live by a single credo – saying an untruth many times over will make it true.

A point-by-point explanation of every accusation hurled in Bush’s direction over the past months would be as lengthy as it would be futile. The naysayers and heel-biters have shown they are not interested in a logical, calm debate. They would have you believe Bush and his representatives are running throughout the country pouring arsenic in the water, pick-pocketing your grandmother and giving the money to Bill Gates, saving Osama bin Laden in the White House coat closet for October, grabbing people by the collar and throwing them out of emergency rooms, and traveling to the Arctic Circle with a pick ax to singlehandedly chip away the polar ice cap.

I only hope enough people will seek the facts by November and not just simply believe the invective spewed out with the intent of creating truths out of falsehoods.

Randy Bacon


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