September 16, 2019

Where was Clinton?

I had hoped before the holidays that we would have a reprieve from the villainous written attacks on our president by our local ultra-liberal dealers in slanderous innuendo. This has not happened. They have continued to hurl insults at the man who has achieved far, far more than his predecessor in responding to the terrorists acts committed against our country.

George Bush has been accused of “forgetting about bin Laden.” Where was Bill Clinton in 1993 when our troops, under their “commander in chief,” went into Mogadishu to deal with their terrorist strong-man, Muhammad Farah Aidid? After meeting resistance in that attempt, our troops were ordered out a few months later by their commander in chief.

They retreated, on Clinton’s orders, giving Osama bin Laden the clear signal that America was indeed a “paper tiger.” Osama bragged that his small force had defeated a nation that saw themselves as a superpower.

And where was Clinton in 1995 when Sudanese officials offered to arrest Osama and turn him over to us, as they had arrested Ilych Ramirez Sanchez (the notorious Jackal) and turned him over to French Intelligence in 1994? It seems Clinton was more interested in improving his golf score and his ability to score with White House aides than he was in getting bin Laden, the man responsible for the first attack on the twin towers several years earlier and for the success of the terrorists attack on our Delta force in Somalia.

Under President Bush, Saddam Hussein, a notoriously vicious dictator and murderer of his own people, is captured, brought out from the hole in the ground where he hid like the coward he is. Iran has offered to allow inspections of its nuclear facilities. Libya has made a similar offer. Russia is working with our officials to prevent the use of nuclear material from being used in terrorist attacks, most recently in a raid in Bulgaria to retrieve missing material. And our troops are in Iraq, determined to finish the job they started, determined to bring freedom from oppression to the people of Iraq.

And bin Laden? This terrorist who hides in holes and strikes out from the shadows? Osama bin Laden will be caught. Clinton had at least seven years to do it and failed. Let’s give Bush at least that much slack. He may not need seven years.

James Williamson


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