June 06, 2020

What a Hummer weighs

As I was reading the Bangor Daily News on Dec. 23, I noticed an error in Jonathan Salant’s Associated Press report on page A7 at the end of the second paragraph. He claims the HummerH2 weighs “more than 8,500 pounds…” He’s off by more than a ton.

The H2’s curbweight (empty) is 6,400 pounds. The GVWR is 8,600 pounds. The Hummer H1 weighs 6,800 pounds. The Chevrolet Avalanche 2500-Series four-wheel drive weighs more than the Hummer H2 by more than 200 pounds (6,642).

Both the H2 and the three-quarter ton 4X4 Avalanche have identical GVWR – 8,600 pounds.

In the interest of fuel efficiency in the large sport utility vehicles, the Tornado Fuel Saver ($70) can be installed by owners to achieve a few more miles per gallon.

Sport utility vehicle owners are investing in more protection, and in a multi-purpose vehicle which can tow, navigate rough terrain, ascend and descend steep grades, carry heavy loads and also have quality ride-comfortable interiors for long trips. Why knock this transportation package? Why should the Greenies have it all their way?

It’s time for them to attack the jumbo jets with their enormous capacity to burn thousands of gallons of fuel an hour, not to mention the vast amount of oxygen needed to burn this fuel. Furthermore, why don’t these environments go to Texas and demonstrate against the Texas Cadillac – Suburban? Remember the Texan’s slogan: “Don’t mess with Texas.” Texas buys up 33 percent of all Suburbans produced or sold.

Elmer Marin


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