August 22, 2019

Gays want same rights

How can giving gays the same rights as everyone else not be a good thing? How can this great country of ours be “free” if we deny one group of people the same rights every other citizen enjoys? At first people were saying gays were too promiscuous. Now gays want protected relationships (marriage) – why are they undeserving of this right?

I have been given mainly religious reasons for not legalizing gay marriage. Last time I checked the Constitution said church and state were supposed to be separate entities. How does allowing two men or women to marry affect straight couples or anyone else for that matter? What would it take away from straight married couples? Sanctity of marriage? You can go to Las Vegas and get married by Elvis!

Half of all married couples get divorced. How many straight couples are unfaithful to their partners? Is it a problem of definition? It wasn’t until the early to mid-20th century that women were considered people.

It doesn’t hurt anyone if a same-sex couple goes to the courthouse and gets married. As a child, I was taught to play fair. Does that only apply if you’re straight? I’m growing disillusioned about politicians, people who are representing the nation, lawmakers who perpetuate the injustice. Are they concerned for the people they serve or their paychecks?

Gay couples are not asking for something impossible: They wish to be free to marry, and have the same rights as other couples. I’m straight. I’m 17. I understand this.

Nick Tolman

East Millinocket

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