May 26, 2019

Hunting no joke

Turning to page B1 of the June 11 edition of the Bangor Daily News, I was disturbed and disappointed that a fellow hunter would behave in such a manner. It is one thing to have a mount for private display, but to go to a public setting dressed in the hide of an animal as though to ridicule its existence is wrong.

Whatever happened to the hunter who went out for the pure enjoyment of the outdoors and to provide food for their family? Have we gotten so self-centered and trophy hungry that we have forgotten that beast was here before man?

If Rae Fournier-Wren wants to wear that type of attire that is her right, however, to print a picture of it in the BDN is a disgrace to those of us who hunt for the excitement and experience of what the great outdoors has to offer. Such exposure of the few who choose to behave in such a manner gives the rest of us, and hunting in general, a bad name. Hunting has received such a negative rap lately, the last thing we need is more negative fuel for the fire.

I am also a recipient of a 2003 moose permit, but you will not see me parading in a moose hide. Respect the outdoors and what it offers. With this attitude, you will see hunting receive a much better rap from individuals who once thought hunting was cruel due to the inconsiderate behavior of a few people.

Erik Gagnon


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