July 09, 2020

Anyone can be a hero

The dictionary definition of a hero is someone who achieves a feat. A lot of the time you think of a hero as someone saving someone or something. That is a type of hero, but here are some others: war heroes, civil rights heroes and presidential heroes.

Some traits of a hero, out of many, are being confident (sometimes), being strong and having patience. Heroes can be confident and they will win the battle. They can be strong in many ways: muscles, words or wisdom. They are patient for winning. A hero can also be a woman. A hero is usually trained at what he or she is doing. Heroes are smart.

There have been a lot of famous heroes. George Washington was a war hero, and later became our first president. Ida B. Wells was a civil rights hero. She fought long and hard on her anti-lynching crusade. Other heroes are service workers, like policemen and firemen. They save and assist people in need.

Anyone can be a hero. A hero can be big or small. A hero could be a really famous inventor, or it could be a boy who saved a cat from a tree. A hero could win the Nobel Prize while that little boy won nothing. There are many types of heroes. You can easily identify them. Always remember what a hero is – someday you might be one. And if you’re nice and do favors for your friends and family, you’re already “in training” to be a hero.

Nadine Bliss, Grade 4

Eastport Elementary School

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