May 30, 2020

Peace in our actions

Think about the times peace is wished upon you and your kin. Has that word, peace, done more than soothe the guilty American conscience, fattened upon plastic toys and plastic food, to spread peace to the world? Could our actions have greater impact than the words from our mouths? How many of the world poor are poor so that we can buy holiday cheer, peace and good will for all Americans?

Let us all in this new year shed the veil of greed from our eyes and see how our actions drive the world poor deeper into their misery. Let us acknowledge the economic terrorism that corporate America wages upon the rest of the world. Let us acknowledge the death and suffering that our lifestyles cause.

After we acknowledge our great potential for harm, let us think about the simple things that can help to bring peace on earth and good will to all people. It is not a utopian fantasy, it is as simple as conservation.

Simple actions by simple people will bring about the change we all seek. Let us reduce our consumption, let us relieve ourselves of the plastic baubles that anchor our soul to a dark and dreary future of environmental collapse, magnified by the multitudes that will rise up when their very survival is threatened. Let us separate ourselves from the oil that causes so much blood to spill and all the world to suffer under its noxious cloud.

Peace is in our actions, notour words.

Matt Rowe

South China

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