May 24, 2019

EnvisioNet runaround

I am a very upset past employee of EnvisioNet in Orono. The company is going through a lot of financial problems, but I think their biggest problem is their management.

I worked at EnvisioNet for a little over three months, I enjoyed my job, the people I worked with and the pay. I feel badly for Heather Blease and all the investors involved. I hope she can keep Enviisionet open. With changes it could be great.

What I don’t like is being lied to. I have been waiting for 11 weeks now for back pay that I have been promised weekly. It’s not much money considering the “other” debts. But it’s mine.

Last Thursday we had to wait almost seven hours for our checks. When I got mine, it was short and my “promised” back pay was not included. The man who was going to fix it told me he’d call the next day. He didn’t so I called him. He just “hadn’t gotten around to it” yet and was going to that night and then he’d call me back the next day. Three days later I hear nothing, so I called again. He told me I can have it Thursday morning, he gave me his word on this. I drove to EnvisioNet only to find no check until at least Friday but I was told if I drove to Brunswick I could get it today. I went to Brunswick, two hours one way, only to be told they have no way of getting me a check and have no idea who I even was. So I drove home.

Wouldn’t it have been better to just be honest about it? I have no problem waiting (I’ve done that for 11 weeks now) but if I was told upfront in the first place I wouldn’t have had to count on that money and I could have waited. EnvisioNet used to be a great place to work but now if I ever get paid I could honestly say that you couldn’t pay enough to work there again.

Kristie Clark


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