May 30, 2020

End mass immigration

The Bangor Daily News editorial, “Doing the math” (June 7), provides refreshing simplicity concerning the energy problem. The story is in the numbers. It doesn’t matter what the estimated oil reserves are, “as long as demand continues to increase, a supply side solution cannot work. That’s the exponential truth.”

Obviously, we must invest in new technologies, responsible lifestyle choices and real conservation. But after we’ve made all these changes, then what? Conservation is only a short-term solution as long as our population continues to explode.

If current growth rates continue, the U.S. population will double within the lifetime of Americans who are in their 20s today (U.S. Census Bureau). The California Department of Finance is projecting California’s population will exceed 60 million by 2040 – all of it due to immigration. This growth rate is faster than Bangladesh!

It’s not comfortable but immigration policy has got to be discussed. Third World countries are miserable places to live because their citizens didn’t talk about the tough problems. They didn’t organize. They let the problems accumulate and they failed to take command of their nation’s destiny.

Passivity and denial extract a huge price. Let’s not let this happen to us. Our southern border is out of control. Both political parties are pandering to the Hispanic caucus, the cheap labor lobby and the Mexican agenda.

Mass immigration will continue until the American people decide to stop it or the living standards in this country are no different than they are in the sending countries. It’s up to us. It’s still our country – at least a little longer.

Jonette Christian

Mainers for

Immigration Reform


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