September 23, 2019

Big man a challenge for police to subdue

Man faces possible extradition to Ohio after struggle with Bangor police

A 25-year-old man faces possible extradition to Ohio as well as several charges here in Maine after he was stopped in Bangor early Wednesday morning and reportedly struggled with a police officer.

A blue Oldsmobile was spotted by police driving rapidly behind the Airport Mall about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday and Officer Brent Beaulieu caught up with the car in the area of Bolling Drive. He reported that the car pulled into a driveway on Griffin Road where the driver, Angel Fernandez, 25, claimed he was visiting a friend. Fernandez couldn’t, or wouldn’t come up with his friend’s name.

When Beaulieu radioed for assistance, the 5-foot-9-inch, 335-pound Fernandez took off, with Beaulieu reporting that he struggled with Fernandez in the parking lot of the Airport Mall.

At one point, Beaulieu got Fernandez on the ground on his stomach, only to have Fernandez get up with the officer on his back. The struggle continued, even after Beaulieu sprayed him with pepper spray. With help from Officer Chad Foley, Beaulieu handcuffed Fernandez, but noted that it took two handcuffs strung together to handcuff the large man’s hands behind his back.

Fernandez, Beaulieu learned, was wanted in Ohio on a felony indictment for larceny and his driving privileges in Maine had been suspended. In addition, the license plates on the car belonged to a white Buick, not the blue Oldsmobile they were on.

Fernandez faces charges of resisting arrest, failure to stop for a police officer, operating a motor vehicle after license suspension and illegal attachment of license plates.


An argument turned physical and bizarre this week, with a woman telling police her boyfriend of four months prevented her from leaving his apartment, assaulted her and cut himself, using his blood to write on the wall.

Jared Bowman, 24, didn’t deny the incidents that started Christmas night and resumed the next morning, but claimed he hadn’t taken his required medications. Bowman was taken by police to Eastern Maine Medical Center for a psychological evaluation and also summoned for domestic assault.

Bowman’s 19-year-old girlfriend told police that during an argument Christmas night her boyfriend began throwing things in his apartment, cut himself with the pieces from a broken coffee mug and wrote on the wall with his blood. He also had stood over her with a pillow in one hand and a syringe in the other.

Things calmed down and the two went to sleep. The argument resumed and escalated the next morning, however, when she went to leave for work, she told Officer George Spencer. Bowman allegedly wouldn’t let her leave and took her into the living room, threw her onto the couch and threatened to kill himself in front of her, according to the police report.

He wouldn’t let her know where her car keys were and outside he dragged her back to her car when she tried to walk to a friend’s house, the woman reported. He finally relented and gave her back her keys, but not before making her swear that she would return by herself.


A Bangor man claimed that he threw his family’s Christmas tree out the apartment window early Christmas afternoon to get a jump on cleaning up.

The tree was plastic and the man apparently threw out a stereo receiver along with it.

That was part of the scene that police found when they were called to 329 Union St. apartment No. 4 about 4 p.m. Monday at the request of the man’s girlfriend who wanted him removed. Inside the apartment, police found red Christmas balls strewn on the floor along with broken candy canes, candles and a broken model train.

Ricardo Rosado, 33, told police he had been getting a start on cleaning up. Officer Steve Jordan pointed out that the tree he had heaved out the window was plastic and wanted to know why Rosado didn’t just box it up for next year. Rosado told Jordan that the tree had been difficult to get into the apartment in the first place.

As for the train, Rosado said it had arrived broken and that the kids had been playing with it earlier. When Rosado went outside to get the tree, Jordan arrested him, charging him with criminal mischief.

Jordan spoke to Rosado’s girlfriend at a Sixth Street residence where she had been staying with another woman. Rosado had called the apartment about 3:45 p.m. and demanded that his girlfriend return home or he would start trashing the place.

He called back 10 minutes later, saying “It’s all going, there goes the Christmas tree,” and adding that if she didn’t return, the stereo was next.

– Compiled by NEWS reporter Doug Kesseli

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