May 27, 2020

Bush won fairly

After reading the letters to the Bangor Daily News’ editorial section on Dec. 20, it’s obvious the mainstream media are effectively getting out misinformation. Two of your readers were appalled at the outcome of the recent presidential election and couldn’t help but try and make the case for a theft of grand proportions by the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

I want to remind people of a few facts. Who brought the election to the courts after he lost two recounts? Who took his own party to court when they suspended the counting? By the way, they stopped because after counting heavily democratic precincts of that county, and heading toward republican precincts, it looked like George w. Bush might gain votes.

Who hired a public relations firm to make thousands of calls to elderly people the night of the election to tell them they should call and complain to their Congressmen, and what to complain about? Whose party was doing the recounting and changing the rules as they did it? Whose party designed the ballots? Who lost every recount? Who only wanted to count heavily democratic counties until he had no option but to suggest we should count them all? Who had lawyers advising him on how to throw out military ballots? Who lost in every courtroom but one? I might add, and extremely liberal court, appointed by liberal governors.

I could keep going, but I think you get the point; it was Al Gore. And just to set the record straight, the Supreme Court agreed 7-2 that what the Florida Supreme Court did was unconstitutional. The 5-4 ruling was over what to do about it.

The courts didn’t decide the election; Gore brought the election to court. Bush is legitimate, he won by the rules and people should accept it.

Tony A. Lyford


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