May 27, 2020

Legislate morality

We have men and women who do not have the courage to express their Judeo-Christian values. There is an addiction in this country to sexual movies, books, magazines and pornography on the Internet. Go into any mom-and-pop store or department store, and at the checkout you will see papers and magazines on the rack with headlines such as: who are the sexiest couple; who’s living with who in Hollywood; and, what popular singer or actress had a baby out of wedlock. It’s no wonder we have so many divorces and so many births to unmarried girls and women.

My father gave me good advice. Always stand up for your Christian values and don’t worry what people will say of you or think of you, for you have no control over what people think. It’s what God thinks of you, not mankind. Do not let anyone tell us we cannot legislate morality. We have laws against prostitution, child pornography and drugs. We have always legislated morality for the protection of society.

Our Founding Fathers said that America’s political freedoms are based on Christian principles; and widespread Christian faith and belief in God will keep our political freedoms secure.

Joseph Riitano


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