November 18, 2019

Four long years

After witnessing the past presidential campaign, is there anyone out there who believes that George Bush or the Republican Party will compromise their agenda and work with the Democrats for the good of the American people? Think again.

The Republican Party showed its stripes when they rejected John McCain as their candidate for the presidency. McCain, who might have healed the impeachment wounds, was on the right track – reform campaign financing. But wait. That might have put a lot of Republicans out of business.

What about Republicans in Congress – Trent Lott, Dick Armey, etc.? Recently the Republicans, acting on behalf of banks and credit card companies, pushed through some very repressive changes to the bankruptcy laws. Under their new law, it is nearly impossible for poor people who get sucked into the credit card cycle of interest and debt to ever erase their credit card bills. Republicans have always pushed laws for big business at their behest.

No, I believe the Trent Lotts and Dick Armeys have been waiting a long time for the day when a Republican like Bush sits in the White House.

The U.S. Supreme Court with its five Republican justices effectively and intentionally shut down the vote recount in Florida so that Bush could be certified as president-elect.

Consider the five justices: the supercilious William Rehnquist; Clarence Thomas, who owes his soul to the Republican Party; Antonin Scalia, the most rabid conservative ever to sit on the bench; Anthony Kennedy and Sandra Day O’Connor are both followers. Many believe their decision in this case has tarnished the court. Further thought about the court which may upset your stomach is that Bush says he might raise either Thomas or Scalia to be chief justice once Rehnquist retires.

Another clue that indicates how the Republicans may operate in the future was the episode in Florida where they had Secretary of State Katherine Harris, famous for her chicken dance, shut down the recount in Palm Beach County just two hours before it would have been completed. She will obtain a sinecure in the Bush administration.

Wait until conservationists find out who Bush will appoint to head the Department of the Interior and the Department of Energy.

At this writing, Bush still insists on his $1.3 trillion tax break for the wealthy. No, I do not look forward to the next four years of wrangling and deadlock with the Congress divided and Bush in the White House.

Paul Hanson


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