May 24, 2019

It is rare to see something good in the newspaper these days. I was pleased when I read that James and Karen Confalone will keep the original name of Squaw Mountain ski resort. I respect them for doing what is right.

Whatever happened to free speech? We are now told which words we can and cannot use. In my entire 63-plus years, I have never heard the word squaw used in a disrespectful manner or to mean anything other than an Indian woman. Are they ashamed of that?

Should we give up all other Indian names that we have inherited, respected and honored for generations? Soon we will be told to give up Kokadjo, Kineo, Tomhegan, Brassua, Chesuncook, Caucomgomoc or any one of thousands of other historic Indian named places most Maine residents love and respect.

While we are at it, let’s rename the canoe, tomahawk, moccasin or any other Indian articles. Our athletic teams, which use Indian words as mascots and play hard to honor these symbols, will soon be told they can no longer use them.

The renaming issue is only a publicity stunt by a few people hoping to gain recognition. It was a bad government plan to slide this bill past Maine people without letting us have anything to say about it. The people of Maine should have a vote on anything that will affect all of us. Instead, we sent a few people to Augusta, whom we trusted to protect our rights. Dale Tibbetts Rockwood

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