July 02, 2020

Brewer, Bangor teams cruise to wins

ORONO – In terms of injuries, this hasn’t been the luckiest start to an indoor track and field season for the Brewer High boys.

And by coach Dave Jeffrey’s own estimation, this won’t be the strongest of seasons for the Brewer girls.

But the Witches certainly dominated at their first Eastern Maine Indoor Track League meet, taking both the boys and girls meets at the University of Maine field house Wednesday. The girls earned 120 points to get past a tough Ellsworth team and the boys cruised to the win with 116 points.

In a simultaneous EMITL meet at the UMaine field house, Bangor’s squads also swept, with the girls racking up 188 points and the boys scoring 154 points.

Brewer’s Jeffrey was pleased with individual performances from both the boys and the girls. The boys’ injuries, however, have affected the relays. And the girls may have to rely on depth in the regular-meet season.

“I’m sure we’ll be in the mix at the end of the season, we usually are,” he said. “The girls team isn’t the powerhouse we’ve been, simple as that, and we have to scratch around and find points. The boys are decent. Once we get people back from injuries we’ll see how we do. It’s our best kids, that’s the problem.”

In the “C” girls meet, the Witches fell behind the Eagles early. But Brewer’s depth in some of the later events helped them come from behind.

Leslie Rosa was the only Brewer girl to win two events. Coming off what she felt was a slow week, Rosa said her victories in the 200-meter run (29.34 seconds) and the 400 run (an indoor-best 1:04.39) were encouraging.

“I was really nervous but today I felt kind of relaxed and prepared,” she said. “I’m pretty surprised that I’ve been running this fast this early in the season.”

The Witches swept the top three spots in the triple jump, with Rebecca Breau taking first (29 feet, 8 3/4 inches), Jaime England finishing second and Kylie Gray in third. Heather Clark led Brewer in the 800-meter run with a 2:33.93 and two other Witches finished in the top five.

Brewer had a similar situation in the mile run, where Heather Jovanelli cruised to the win with a 5:30.29 finish and the Witches went 3-4 in the event.

“Heather Jovanelli had a great mile and it was heartening to see that,” Jeffrey said. “Heather Clark ran awesome in the 800, she really ran terrific.”

The Witches also took three of five spots in the pole vault, with Abby Bouzan-Kaloustian’s 8-foot vault good for first, and in the shot put, where Erika Corey had a personal-best 30-2 throw for the win.

Ellsworth’s Monica Gardner helped the Eagles take a lead with wins in the 60-yard dash (8.07) and the 60-yard hurdles (9.81).

But with just 13 girls on the team this season, Ellsworth was unable to muster the depth to get past Brewer.

“[Gardner is] exceptionally fast and she listens,” Ellsworth coach Jim Shedeck said. “Monica’s just one among a great group of girls, probably the best girls team we’ve had since 1989. They’re very talented. We just don’t have the numbers.”

In the “C” boys meet, Brewer’s Jon Dearborn fought through his injury for two individual wins.

Dearborn is making a comeback from rupturing the quadriceps muscle in his left leg three weeks ago. In trying to get him back into shape, Jeffrey entered him in the 60-meter dash for the first time in Dearborn’s career.

He’s more of a mid-distance runner than a sprinter, but Dearborn won with a 7.14. He went on to a first in the 400 (54.65), but he had to come from behind with 200 meters to go.

“My 400 is really my event and it was the worst time I’ve ever ran in it before,” Dearborn said. “With the injury I haven’t started practicing this season so just going out there and running, I came out a little slow. Not really what I wanted to do. But I picked it up at the end. The 60 was something interesting. It was fun. I had a great time doing it.”

Dearborn got just one practice run going from his 400 win immediately to the long jump. He registered a disappointing 12-6 in his first try, fouled on his second attempt and jumped a 16-7 1/2 on his final attempt, good for fifth place.

Nick Coffin continued Brewer’s dominance in the shot put. Coffin’s throw of 47-3 was a personal best, and three other Brewer shot putters placed in the top five.

“Our shot putters had a great day,” Jeffrey said. “Our shot putters threw terrific. They really had a huge improvement.”

Other Brewer winners were Frank Breau in the hurdles (9.07) and Ian Fraser’s 4:58.98 finish in the mile.

Sumner of East Sullivan standout Brendan O’Keefe won the 800 and the two-mile race (2:00.18 and 9:56.21, respectively). Davey Renwick also won two events for the Tigers, the 200 meters (25.10) and the long jump (18-10 1/2).

In the “B” girls meet, Bangor’s Molly Wiebe won the 60-yard dash with a time of 7.87, took the long jump with a 15-6 1/4 effort and anchored the winning 880 relay that finished in 1:57.02. Abby Buchanan also won two individual events for the Rams, taking the 60 hurdles (9.72) and the high jump (4-10). She also ran on the 880 relay.

Orono’s Theresa Alvarez won the mile in 5:39.85 and the 800 in 2:37.84. Foxcroft Academy and Bangor Christian tied for second in the meet with 53 points each.

There were no double-event winners in the boys “B” meet. Bangor winners in the track events included Nick Maynard in the 60-yard dash (6.98), Shawn Owens in the 60-yard hurdles (8.43), Matt Ferguson’s 4:53.82 in the mile and Ben Allen’s 10:11.86 in the two mile.

Jeff Mannix took the triple jump with a leap of 38-10 1/4 and Brian Sing’s 39-8 1/2 was good for a win in the shot put.

Track and Field

High School


Bangor boys 154, Foxcroft Acad. 87, Orono 52, Bucksport 42, George Stevens Acad. 40, Bangor Christian 2

60-yard dash: Nick Maynard (Ban) 6.98, Robbins (FA) 6.99, Rolleston (FA) 7.13, Bellemare (FA) 7.14, Quirk (Ban) 7.19, Williams (Ban) 7.46; 60-yard hurdles: Shawn Owens (Ban) 8.43, Mannix (Ban) 9.75, Purcell (Buck) 10.51; Mile: Matt Ferguson (Ban) 4:53.82, Rolleston (FA) 4:58.28, Baroody (GSA) 5:02.19, Jones (Or) 5:05.48, Kates-Goldman (Ban) 5:07.46, Grindle (Buck) 5:08.55; 400 meters: James Collins (GSA) 55.29, Martin (FA) 55.31, John-Tavantis (Or) 55.92, Buschmann (FA) 57.52; 200 meters: Adrian Buschmann (FA) 24.17, David Robbins (FA) 24.17, Martin (FA) 24.74, Maynard (Ban) 24.76, Stecher (Or) 26.12, Collins (GSA) 26.75; 800 meters: Kris Rolleston (FA) 2:07.66, B. Allen (Ban) 2:08.45, Baroody (GSA) 2:08.60, J. Allen (Ban) 2:09.83, Goode (Ban) 2:14.28, Grindle (Buck) 2:18.78; 2 mile: Ben Allen (Ban) 10:11.86, Goode (Ban) 10:55.06, Jones (Or) 11:14.95, Tavantzis (Or) 11:24.57, Miltner (GSA) 11:29.32, Perk (GSA) 11:30.45; Shot put: Brian Sing (Ban) 39-8 1/2, Dwelley (Ban) 39- 1/2, Curtis (Buck) 37-4, Mitchell (Buck) 35-8 1/2, Dale (FA) 35-4, Lo (Ban) 34-0; Long jump: Brendan Packwood (GSA) 19-4, Buschmann (FA) 18-7, Mannix (Ban) 17-4 1/4, Quirk (Ban) 17-3 1/2, Bellemare (FA) 16-9, Howard (Buck) 16-3 1/4; High jump: Kyle Howard (Buck) 5-8, Thistle (Ban) 5-8, J. Allen (Ban) 5-8, Packwood (GSA) 5-8, Robbins (FA) 5-6, Taylor (FA) 5-2; Triple jump: Jeff Mannix (Ban) 38-10 1/4, Owens (Ban) 38-5 3/4, Howard (Buck) 34-8 3/4, Worster (Ban) 28-5 3/4; Pole vault: Justin Mechem (Or) 11-6, Stecher (Or) 10-6, Purcell (Buck) 8-6, R. Mecham (Or) 8-0, Harriman (BC) 7-6, Koppes (Buck) 7-0; 880-yard relay: Bangor (Nick Maynard, Derek Williams, Shawn Owens, Justin Allen) 1:40.46, Orono 1:47.83

Bangor girls 188, Foxcroft Acad. 53, Bangor Christian 53, Bucksport 40, Orono 28, George Stevens Acad. 11

60-yard dash: Molly Wiebe (Ban) 7.87, Savage (Ban) 7.92, Soucie (Ban) 8.01, R. Sage (BC) 8.14, Caswell (Buck) 8.49, Mead (BC) 8.75; 60-yard hurdles: Abby Buchanan (Ban) 9.72, Bigda (Ban) 10.01, Harriman (BC) 11.08, Denis (Buck) 12.09; Mile: Theresa Alvarez (Or) 5:39.85, Pelletier (Buck) 6:00.65, Smith (Ban) 6:00.85, Lancaster (Ban) 6:05.94, Patten (Buck) 6:07.91, Herring (FA) 6:33.66; 400 meters: Andrea Sage (BC) 1:09.59, S. Jonson (Ban) 1:09.63, Caswell (Buck) 1:10.98, Decrow (GSA) 1:12.55, Licata (Buck) 1:13.00, Herring (FA) 1:13.75; 200 meters: Rachel Sage (BC) 28.39, Savage (Ban) 29.20, Soucie (Ban) 29.92, Harriman (BC) 31.36, Mead (BC) 31.82, Decrow (GSA) 33.76; 800 meters: Theresa Alvarez (Or) 2:37.84, Lancaster (Ban) 2:45.40, Kilch (GSA) 3:05.59, Bellemare (FA) 3:11.08, Lisitsina (BC) 3:15.75, Bolduc (Ban) 3:22.32; 2 mile: Andrea Pelletier (Buck) 13:16.32, Smith (Ban) 13:22.50, Patten (Buck) 13:43.70, K. Jonson (Ban) 15:16.71, Walton (Ban) 16:10.13, Bolduc (Ban) 16:25.70; Shot put: Kari Jenkins (Ban) 29-11 1/2, Chapman (Ban) 29-11 1/4, Huckins (Ban) 28-9 1/2, Leighton (FA) 27-7 1/2, Kirk-Lawlor (Or) 22-10, Zimmerman (FA) 22-6 1/2; Long jump: Molly Wiebe (Ban) 15-6 1/4, Nye (FA) 13-3, Inman (Or) 10-9, Stevens (FA) 10-2 1/2; High jump: Abby Buchanan (Ban) 4-10, S. Jonson (Ban) 4-0, A. Sage (BC) 3-10; Triple jump: Lindsay Bigda (Ban) 32-1 1/4, Nye (FA) 29-10, Kelley (FA) 28-1 1/4, Wilson (FA) 24-6 3/4; Pole vault: Megan Huckins (Ban) 7-0, Rosenblatt (Ban) 6-0, Kelley (FA) 5-6; 880-yard relay: Bangor (Molly Wiebe, Adrienne Soucie, Jana Savage, Abby Buchanan) 1:57.02, Bangir Christian 2:03.73, Foxcroft Acad. 2:07.08

Brewer boys 116, John Bapst 51, Sumner 43, Ellsworth 42, Mattanawcook Acad. 15

60-yard dash: Jon Dearborn (Bre) 7.14, Halber (JB) 7.15, Strout (JB) 7.29, Albee (Sum) 7.31, Macbeth (Ell) 7.40; 60-yard hurdles: Frank Breau (Bre) 9.07, Corbett (Bre) 10.5, Jameson (JB) 10.57, Edwards (MA) 10.61, Lawler (MA) 10.96; Mile: Ian Fraser (Bre) 4:58.98, Foster (Bre) 4:59.41, Jensen (Bre) 5:05.29, Hunt (JB) 5:14.21, Birkel (Bre) 5:17.97; 400 meters: Jon Dearborn (Bre) 54.65, Carter (Bre) 55.59, Maleck (Ell) 56.22, Kudah (Ell) 56.24, Cushman (JB) 59.31; 200 meters: Davey Renwick (Sum) 25.10, Carter (Bre) 25.29, Albee (Sum) 25.61, Ferreira (Ell) 26.12, Bromley (JB) 26.46; 800 meters: Brendan O’Keefe (Sum) 2:00.18, Maleck (Ell) 2:11.25, Pearson (Bre) 2:11.47, Foster (Bre) 2:15.42, Hunt (JB) 2:19.94; 2 mile: Brendan O’Keefe (Sum) 9:56.21, Fraser (Bre) 10:54.41, Jensen (Bre) 11:12.34, Hunt (JB) 11:13.59, Shorey (Ell) 12:50.08; Shot put: Nick Coffin (Bre) 47-3, Anastos (Bre) 39-5 1/2, Wilbur (Ell) 38-7, Geaghan (Bre) 37-8, Stanwood (Bre) 37-6; Long jump: Davey Renwick (Sum) 18-10 1/2, LeBlanc (JB) 17-10 1/4, MacBeth (Ell) 17-6 3/4, Breau (Bre) 16-9 1/4, Dearborn (Bre) 16-7 1/2; High jump: Cayle Pietras (MA) 5-6, Patrick (Bre) 5-4, Rudnicki (JB) 5-2, Winslow (Bre) 5-2, Young (Sum) 4-8; Triple jump: Regan Leblanc (JB) 37-3 3/4, Trundy (Ell) 33-8, Husson (JB) 33-5 1/4, Corbett (Bre) 33-0, Patrick (Bre) 32-7 1/4, Ryder (JB) 31-6 1/2; Pole vault: Lucas Sitterly (Ell) 10-0, Carter (Bre) 9-6, Ferreira (Ell) 8-6, Muncey (Bre) 7-6; 880-yard relay: John Bapst (Drew Halber-Adam Bromley-T.Hill-Regan Leblanc) 1:41.02, Sumner 1:45.25, Mattanawcook 1:53.21

Brewer girls 120, Ellsworth 66, Mattanawcook 36, John Bapst 37, Sumner 12

60-yard dash: Monica Gardner (Ell) 8.07, Morin (Bre) 8.29, Smith (Bre) 8.34, Price (JB) 8.50, Berry (JB) 8.70; 60-yard hurdles: Monica Gardner (Ell) 9.81, Lock (Ell) 9.93, Mytar (Ell) 10.37, Rich (JB) 10.54, Breau (Bre) 10.85; Mile: Heather Jovanelli (Bre) 5:30.29, Lebrun (MA) 5:42.09, Clark (Bre) 5:58.31, Patterson (Bre) 5:58.91, Kelley (Ell) 6:10.85; 400 meters: Leslie Rosa (Bre) 1:04.39, Greenlaw (JB) 1:04.59, Cherry (Ell) 1:08.60, Comeau (MA) 1:12.59, Bolstridge (MA) 1:13.05; 200 meters: Leslis Rosa (Bre) 29.34, Greenlaw (JB) 29.64, Gardner (Ell) 29.78, Berry (JB) 30.24, Rosa (Bre) 30.56, Lynch (JB) 31.70; 800 meters: Heather Clark (Bre) 2:33.93, Pietras (MA) 2:39.55, Patterson (Bre) 2:39.86, Campbell (JB) 2:49.85, Winslow (Bre) 2:52.22; 2 mile: Mary Lebrun (MA) 12:06.88, Jovanelli (Bre) 12:26.50, Taber (JB) 14:12.02, Westman (Sum) 14:32.31; Shot put: Erika Corey (Bre) 30-2, Dowling (Bre) 27-10 1/2, Osler (Sum) 27-5 1/2, Allen (MA) 27-5 1/2, Goodness (Bre) 27-1; Long jump: Becky Lock (Ell) 14-7 1/2, Bouzan-Kaloustian (Bre) 14-4 1/4, Rosa (Bre) 13-10 3/4, Rich (JB) 13-9 1/4, Cherry (Ell) 13-8 3/4; High jump: Sarah Newett (Ell) 4-4, Osler (Sum) 4-4, Pietras (MA) 4-0, Roy (Bre) 4-0, Boyd (Bre) 3-10; Triple jump: Rebecca Breau (Bre) 29-8 3/4, England (Bre) 27- 1/2, Gray (Bre) 26-9 1/2, Bedard (Ell) 25-1, Gerry (MA) 24-2; Pole vault: Abby Bouzan-Kaloustian (Bre) 8-0, Mytar (Ell) 7-6, Haynes (MA) 7-0, Smith (Bre) 6-0, McHugh (Bre) 5-6; 880-yard relay: John Bapst (Logan Rich-Shannon Campbell-Kari Lynch-Erin Greenlaw) 2:01.23, Ellsworth 2:02.66, Brewer 2:03.27, Mattanawcook 2:13.18

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