April 05, 2020

Maine does not need another law on discrimination. I’m not against gays, I just feel they are already covered by racial and gender discrimination.

Vice President Al Gore would raise federal spending on such programs by $86 million next year to $602 million. There is a backlog of 64,000 discrimination cases pending before an overburdened federal Equal Economic Opportunities Commission. How many of these cases are just somebody with an ax to grind and how many are somebody who really has an injustice?

If this law passes, how many more folks will rush to the courts to have their injustice heard? The only one’s to really gain by this law will be the lawyers. Please think this over and vote “yes” on Feb. 10. Wynne Lee Tidd Warren

I support Cal Thomas in his Jan. 21 column criticizing a Maine law firm’s intolerance of one of its own lawyers who represented the Christian Civic League in its anti-gay rights battle.

Shame on the Portland law firm of Douglas, Whiting, Denham and Rogers for its firing of a colleague because of his open religious faith and legal help to the Civic League.

Thomas is so upset at that law firm’s intolerance that he wishes all Mainers concerned about civil rights would wear black arm bands in support of the fired lawyer.

Unfortunately, Thomas doesn’t seem to have the same humanity and wisdom to also speak up for the civil rights of gay people.

Therefore, Mr. Thomas, as a tolerant Mainer, if I put on a black arm band, it would be to support the civil rights cause of the pro-gay group — Maine Won’t Discriminate — and to vote “no” on Feb. 10 — against repealing the needed gay civil rights law. Gary E. Larkin Bangor

In recent days, we all have learned how Maine people pulled together to help each other during a crisis brought on by the Ice Storm of 1998. We have been recognized nationally as a sharing, caring state, always ready to do the right thing.

I would urge every citizen to exercise their voting privilege to continue this perception with a resounding “no” vote on Feb. 10. Once and for all, banish discrimination in our glorious state of Maine. David L. Davis Orland

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