April 07, 2020

What’s the hurry, Washington?

We all understand that politics today is too often a matter of discrediting those in power with the hope they can be replaced by a member of the opposing party but this murky business going on now takes the process to yet another level.

The priority of government, as I see it, is to maintain a fluid and efficient management of the country’s business — so how does this manner in which this present scandal is being handled serve that ideal? Are we to assume that the gaggle of clever operatives in this nation’s capital can’t find a way to manage this back-alley skirmish without crippling government?

Of course, the media love this stuff; such a refreshing supplement to the usual stale menu. And, of course, the rest of the world must be enjoying the show while wondering how this window of opportunity can benefit them.

It’s just a coincidence that campaign finance reform has disappeared from the news.

I must sound as though I believe anything that goes on in Washington is rotten at the foundation, but this latest edition of capital nonsense disguised as a character issue has an odd, ironic ring to it.

Forget campaign finance reform, it’s time to reform the government. Maybe the best way is to face the truth and have the major corporations take direct control rather than running the country by proxy. You can bet we’ll never again be bothered with executive indiscretions. Gordon Hammond Westfield

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