April 09, 2020

For 39 years, Fidel Castro has worked tirelessly to provide leadership to Cuba, while the United States has worked tirelessly to get rid of him. How did Castro come to power and why is he still a major thorn in the side of our political leaders?

Unfortunately, most Americans were never told or never took the time to learn the truth about Castro and Cuba’s history. For 39 years we have all been told that Castro is a bad communist, but don’t worry because the United tates will drive him out of power.

In the 1950s, Cuba was under the control of Batista, who was supported both financially and militarily by the United States. Batista ordered the torture and execution of an estimated 20,000 Cubans, so it should come as no surprise that a revolution would be coming. Castro just happened to be the leader of that revolution.

Understandably, U.S. aid to Cuba was cut after Batista, then trade itself was stopped between the two countries. Castro’s new government needed money and needed to have trade relations with other countries, and turned to Moscow for help.

Through the following years, U.S. attempts to assassinate Castro failed. Now, put yourself in Castro’s shoes: Would you want to give the United States big hug?

We give our most favored nation trading status to communist China, and we have recently opened our doors to Vietnam. Why is Cuba different?

Cuba is different because the United States has spent years trying to topple its government and assassinate its leader, and it would take a very brave politician to admit this is another example of another failed foreign policy. Rick Freeman Bangor

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