April 06, 2020

The approaching vote

On Feb. 10, Maine voters have a chance to vote on whether or not to support the people’s referendum to repeal civil rights protection for gays and lesbians in Maine. I am voting no on Feb. 10 because I want to live in a place that supports the humanity and rights of all its citizens.

I want to live in a community that struggles to free itself of fear, hatred and injustice. We know a majority of Mainers agree with extending civil rights laws to cover gays and lesbians; we need that majority to vote on Feb. 10 so we do not all lose a little bit of our humanity. Sandra Haggard Dixmont

Don’t be fooled by the tactics used by the supporters of this divisive effort. Supporters of this referendum are trying to overturn the decision made by Maine voters a few years ago and that the Legislature and the governor signed into law this past year that would give protection against unfair discrimination in the areas of housing, job security and credit.

I will be voting no on Feb. 10. I urge caring people to join me in this important effort. Do not let Maine become a place that openly promotes discrimination. Joan Shapleigh Dover-Foxcroft

The problem I have with everyone’s “rights” is that no one wants to be responsible for themselves or their actions anymore. The federal government backs complaintants through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the employer or potential employer and that leaves the employer to fend for himself against the charges. Imagine having unlimited support backed by $602 million of taxpayer money, and having to do nothing in the way of personal commitment, while the average business will go bankrupt fighting charges that may or may not be substantiated.

I don’t care if you’re ethically, weight, gender, race or sexually challenged. Don’t tell me about it. But then, of course, if those in the above category don’t exploit and publicize their diversity from the mainstream, they have no grounds to charge discrimination.

How many people are terminated or refused employment due to ineptitude, laziness, inability to function in the workplace, tardiness or refusal to follow the rules? Look around you; how many people have lost their job due to their own fault? Now, look around you and see who is suing the businessman for not hiring or firing them. Tell me how many average white, heterosexual males do you find out of those unemployed speaking of their “rights”?

Need you ask me how my vote will go on Feb. 10? Foye Terrell Roque Bluffs

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