April 05, 2020

Brush with shopping bag spurs busted headlights> Monroe man was upset that driver ignored him

A Monroe man who said he was given the brushoff by a woman in a Bangor parking lot got even, smashing both front headlights of the woman’s car.

The incident earlier this month was witnessed by the acting chief of police in Ellsworth, John DeLeo, who detained Robert L. Neville, 65, until Bangor police arrived.

The incident happened on Jan. 10, although Neville wasn’t charged with criminal mischief until Wednesday, Jan. 21, as police gave Neville time to work out a payment to the woman. Apparently negotiations fell through on the repair bill of more than $600.

Neville told Officer Clifford Worcester on Jan. 10 that while in the parking lot, a white car had driven past him and had brushed the bag he was carrying. The car went into a parking space and the driver, he said, ignored his attempts to contact her and went into the store.

Neville said he then took a hammer from his truck and broke both headlamps. The woman told police she hadn’t heard him calling her. —-

A Hampden man returned this week from a trip to Florida only to find his snowmobile was stolen from his home. The teal 1993 Arctic Cat snowmobile was on a trailer on Jan. 16, he reported to Hampden police Thursday. The snowmobile was apparently driven off the trailer and around the house toward the street where the tracks end, reported Sgt. Dan Stewart, meaning either the snowmobile was driven along the road or loaded onto a vehicle and taken away. —-

A man walked into a tanning salon in Old Town Wednesday afternoon and asked about getting his penis tanned. The man was still in the area when police arrived a little while later. They told the man not to return to the salon, as per the request of the salon. —-

Found in the driver’s seat of a Chevy Blazer reportedly stolen from Brewer, Anthony LeBretton, 29, told Old Town police Tuesday that a bartender had said he could use the truck.

When informed he was being arrested for stealing, LeBretton told Sgt. Steven Hatch that it wasn’t stealing, it was unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Inside the police cruiser, LeBretton reportedly kicked the right rear door and leg restraints were used. En route to the Penobscot County Jail, LeBretton freed himself from the restraints and began kicking the driver-side rear door, police reported.

LeBretton stopped kicking when police allowed him to sit up in the back, although Hatch reported LeBretton was talking a lot, telling Officer Chad Foley he wanted to confront the officer, out of uniform, one on one.

At the Penobscot County Jail, LeBretton reportedly spit on Foley, which netted him an assault charge as well as the one for unauthorized use of property. —-

Emily Gatchell, 22, of Bangor was summoned and charged with assault Wednesday in Bangor after a woman said she and Gatchell got into an argument and Gatchell bit her on the arm.

The woman told Officer Phil Moody that she had been staying with Gatchell for several days, but Tuesday night the two had gotten into a fight and she had left. When the woman went to get her belongings Wednesday, she said, she and Gatchell argued again and it was then that Gatchell bit her on the arm.

The woman said she wanted to press charges and Gatchell was summoned later Wednesday.


Old Town police were sent to a residence on Whistle Way recently and found a woman inside, sitting on a bed holding her stomach. The woman reported Sunday that she had been assaulted and had tried to drive herself to the hospital, but the pain became too much and she had to turn back.

Arrested was Douglas G. Scovil, 28, who the woman said was watching wrestling on the television and had become upset when she turned off the television. They had been arguing previously that day.

The woman told Officer Seth Bear that Scovil prevented her from leaving the residence when she said she was calling the police. Then he grabbed her shoulders and reportedly kneed her in the chest. She said she then fell into a chair behind her. Scovil is reportedly proficient in martial arts.

Scovil acknowledged that he had struck her in the chest but that it was accidental. He told police that she had told him to leave the apartment and that she became hysterical. In an attempt to calm her down, Scovil said, he tried to place her down in a chair and his knee came up “too far” and struck her in the chest.

— Compiled by Doug Kesseli

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