April 05, 2020

Potomac swamp gas cloud

The latest moves in Washington to try to impeach Clinton and return power to the legislative branch have me wondering about inside the beltway reality. These people seem to be laboring under the impression that “We the People” trust them more than we trust the executive branch. Must be Potomac swamp gas clouding their minds.

They have all spent almost countless amounts of money and time trying to convince us that any candidate for office who runs against them is a pointy-headed, anti-God, anti-American, incompetent, sleazy, sexual deviant, greedy bum. The same is true of the candidates that lost the election. The end result is that they have convinced us out here in the hinterland that they are all unworthy of our trust.

We see the main difference between the legislative and the executive branches as simple — it is cheaper to buy a senator than a president, and congressmen are still cheaper though they require more frequent feeding. State politicians present a real bargain for special interests and large multinational companies. We all know that old commissioners never die — they just become executive vice presidents.

The only speculation out here away from Washington is who owns whom. Let’s see, Reagan was owned by General Electric and the military industrial complex; Bush was owned by international oil cartels; Clinton was owned by insurance companies, trial lawyers and labor … or so the speculation goes.

Is it any wonder that we are experiencing a rise in conspiracy theorists, fanatic fringe groups and paramilitary organizations as well as a significant drop off in the number of citizens who even bother to vote. It is extremely fortunate that we are currently experiencing a time of financial expansion and high employment. We are setting ourselves up for a disaster should economic conditions suddenly take a significant downturn. We need only to look at history to see what becomes of a country and its government when citizen distrust is high and economics take a downturn.

Washington politicians, and the press that covers them, all should get away from the Patomic swamp gas and clear their lungs and minds. The self-righteous religious right, the greedy special interests, the mindless ultra liberals, the extremes both left and right, the political advisers who seem to have proved that only negative advertising works and the press core that wants to make a name for itself by fanning the flames and uncovering all the news even that which is unfit to print, all must take responsibility. Or else, they will indeed be responsible if this great country implodes from the weight of its self-generated pile of political and moral garbage.

Dr. Harold I. Goodman lives in Eastport.

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