April 06, 2020

Maybe the selectmen of the town of Corinna should clean their closets for we all know what’s inside. Five men in Corinna have abused their power anld positions to save themselves, because of their lack of common sense and incompetence.

I know in my mind and heart, and they know inside their own, that a great injustice has benn done.

Gary Doman so loved the town of Corinna and its people that he allowed himself to be sacrificed rather than defend himself. People would question why.

In a divorce one may sacrifice anything and everything just to end the pain and humiliation, with no thought of the future or the consequences that may arise. His love for Corinna was, and is, just that strong.

People talk of broken trust. This was a trust that went in both directions. Dorman trusted the selectmen and they made him the sacfificial lamb.

The selectmen talk of missing funds, yet the overall budget is intact. The selectmen talk of missing receipts, yet they had no policy or procedure for receipt tracking. The products and materials that were obviously purchased by the town manager and then reimbursed to Dorman by the town are still in the town possession, including the computer that was installed in his home.

Wake up, Corinna, your selectmen signed warrants authoriizing the payment of all invoices, and approved all yearly audits.

The selectmen sacrificed your town manager to cover their own incompetence and to fulfill their own egos. If there is guilt, all town officials are responsible and should resign.

Your officials have destroyed a man’s life. Along with the suffering of Dorman and his family, the town will suffer, with the loss of a town manager they can never replace. Brent R. Dorman Milo

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