April 06, 2020

Activities for children

Activities to do with your children while school is canceled:

Keep track of your biorhythms. Do you go to sleep and awaken at different times when living without lights? Are you hungry at different times than normal?

Observe a candle flame and have the youngsters write down everything they can about it, such as its shape and color. Then compare that flame to the one in a kerosene lantern or heater, if one is being used. Students also can think about using a candle to tell time.

Make ink from the soot that collects on a lantern globe or in a chimney. Collect some soot and mix it with small amounts of water and glue.

Observe the frost that gathers on windowpanes. Note whether the crystals that form are different on clear and cloudy nights and think about why.

If it is safe for children to go outside, they may want to look for animal tracks and birds to see if any unusual types have been around. Collect twigs from fallen branches and place them in water to see if their buds open.

Turn the TV off and read. Parents can set a good example by reading a newspaper or magazine. If possible, go to the library to get books. If you must watch TV, watch the news and discuss the contents with your children.

Write thank-you notes for holiday gifts or write letters to friends and relatives.

Ask your kids to help out in the kitchen. Reading recipes and measuring ingredients provide good language and math lessons.

Using catalogs or the classified ads, give your children a fictitious budget and ask them to find a generator, wood or clothing that is within their price range.

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