April 05, 2020

As a former constable of the town of Corinna, I am offering my opinion on the resignation and conviction of former town manager Gary Dorman. I have read phrases from the Bangor Daily News such as, “I take full responsibility for my actions and will accept any legal action the town decides to take against me for these actions. I do not intend to put the town through any more heartache and pain than I already have.” Immediately after the preceding statement in Dorman’s letter of resignation he says: “I love the town of Corinna and its citizens.”

These are the statements of a guilty man trying to justify his crime. On television we see programs devoted to unsolved crimes such as fraud or embezzlement where the criminal hoodwinks a group of people, relieves them of their assets, and disappears. The only element mising in this situation is that Dorman did not leave town, nor will his conscience desire to since he has so much support for his crime. He took your tax dollars disregarding your faith and twisted his justification for purely selfish enrichment. He may have been stealing funds when the town was borrowing amounts in the neighborhood of $50,000 when the woolen mill failed to pay its taxes. He says he loves you now. It is more difficult to damn a friendly face, and it is certainly embarrassing to admit that you’ve been had.

I am a law enforcement officer at heart and I consider the public faith a crucial element in public service. It is necessary but should not be without checks and balances — something Corinna lacked. During my own tenure, there have been many times I could have taken advantage of that faith but I never found it tempting. I have heard the praise of Dorman’s efforts in snow-plowing, mowing lawns and other small detail work that were not in his job description. Meanwhile, Corinna has withered and the people have allowed the fox to host the chicken coop.

It is sad that when the conviction was handed down, there was still support and sympathy instead of a normal human reaction of rage and disgust. I have yet to hear a word of thanks to Selectmen Steve Buck and Doug Tibetts for exposing your thief and doing the dirty work. I hope that I’m not the only one to say “good work gentlemen.” How many years could you pay your property taxes with $43,728? Kaleb B. Jacob Bedford, N.H.

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