April 02, 2020

I urge people to get out and vote a resounding no on the Feb. 10 referendum ballot, which the so-called “Christian” Coalition-“Christian” Civic League are forcing on the question of what they perceive as granting “special” rights for gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgendered people. The law passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. King last May is not about “special” rights as the CC-CCL is claiming; it is about equal rights. This law will work for everyone’s advantage, heterosexual as well as the gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgendered population. This is about learning about and teaching tolerance for everyone, not just “special” groups.

I have a birth handicap of cerebral palsy, which I have been able to deal with positively for most of my life, yet I certainly have known discrimination too. Am I really any different than the next person because I move and talk differently than most people, because I walk with a cane, because I am hard-of-hearing and wear hearing aids in both ears? And even if you or my auto mechanic or the CC-CCL does think I am different, what is so bad about that? I am not some creature from outer space; I am simply a human being who both wants and needs to be treated just like any other human being.

The gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgendered community is also made up of human beings, a fact that the CC-CCL does not seem to want to recognize. What it comes down to is what kind of person I am on the inside, not what I look like, or how I choose to spend time or who I spend it with. As a person with a disability, I am protected by a law which says I cannot be discriminated against in terms of employment, housing, public accommodations and credit. Gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgendered people as fellow human beings deserve no less.

Please exercise your right to vote and vote no on Feb. 10. Daphne Crocker Hancock

On Feb. 10, voters will be asked whether they should repeal legislation, passed by the Maine House and Senate and signed by the governor, which would end discrimination against sexual orientation in Maine.

This election is not about whether anyone approves of any particular type of sexual orientation. We will not change anyone’s sexual orientation by holding an election. This election is about whether discrimination is right or wrong. Discrimination is obviously wrong. Vote Feb. 10. Bryce E. Smith Holden

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