April 05, 2020

Ice makes drive-through an appetizing option

BANGOR — Bleck. Sheesh. Yuk. That’s what hungry people were saying at the Main Street McDonald’s drive-up window during lunchtime Thursday. And they weren’t talking about Big Macs.

“The weather is nasty,” said one woman after ordering a Cheddar Melt and a medium orange soda.

A man in a red pickup truck ordered a couple of Quarter Pounders with no cheese and a small Coke. Then, when asked why he didn’t come into the lobby to get his food, he gave a big belly laugh — the kind that can only come from a big belly.

“Need I answer that question?” he joked. “It’s been a wonderful week.”

Lisa Lambert, who takes orders at the window, said business was steady. Indeed, she took more than 25 orders in a 30-minute period. Earlier in the day, during the breakfast rush at Dunkin’ Donuts up the street, cars wrapped around the building and out onto Main Street, where they blocked the traffic flow.

It was a good day to stay in the car, drivers seemed to agree. One woman drove from across the street to get lunch at Mickey D’s. And then drove back to eat her lunch at the office.

“It’s more comfortable in here than it is out there,” said a man. “I must have cleared 200 pounds of ice off my car just to get here.”

Another man ordered five cups of boiling water.

“I got the fun job of making the run for the people at work, and they want tea,” he said.

Lambert said everyone good-naturedly complained about the weather, but the muck and slush and ice didn’t stop them from venturing out for McNuggets. One father, dressed in a suit and tie and obviously on his lunch break, showed up with three kids strapped safely into the car. He shook his head in discouragement when asked how he was holding up under such extreme conditions.

“I just brought the kids out to get lunch,” he said. “Otherwise, they’re just hanging around and watching TV.”

But the most enthusiastic and bravest of the drive-up adventurers declared themselves unafraid. They smiled and delighted in the pools of water and glup outside on the street.

“We’re Maineiacs!” one man and his son proclaimed. “We won’t let a little snow and ice stop us.”

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